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Priority Area 1

Pursuit of collective industrial relations in order to protect and connect all working people and advancement of a movement with a broad base in society

As a task for the National Centre, in addition to pursuing the enhancement and strengthening of collective industrial relations in response to changes in the environment affecting working people, we will work to strengthen our foundations (human resources, systems, etc.) to enable us to bring RENGO Headquarters, affiliated organizations, and regional federations together in order to promote the further penetration of the role of trade unions into workplaces and society at large. In addition, we will also work to create a broad-based movement through active social dialogue and the dissemination of information, looking towards the realization of a sustainable society.

1.Promoting initiatives for the legal protection of diverse workers and other initiatives for the strengthening of work rules to protect workers

(1)Looking towards the building of collective industrial relations in all workplaces, in addition to comprehensively ensuring the appropriate management of the majority representation system, we will conduct studies towards the establishment of the worker representative system in law, in a way that will serve to strengthen the role of trade unions.

(2)We will examine the creation of mechanisms to spread the results of collective industrial relations to a greater number of workers, including revisions of the law enabling expanded application of collective agreements.

(3)With regard to “ambiguous employment,” in addition to compiling our thoughts in relation to legal protections, including expansion of the concept of “worker,” and working for its realization, we will promote problem solving by means of collective industrial relations.

2.Advancement of new initiatives to connect and support working people and creation of a system of human resources to support organization

(1)RENGO Headquarters and the regional federations will examine and seek to realize the establishment of the Regional General Alliance (tentative name) as a platform for the transition of Special Participating Organizations and other constituent organizations, and the organization of regional SMEs.

(2)We will examine and attempt to establish a system for “Network Members” (tentative name) as a mechanism to enable workers with diverse employment and work styles to establish looser affiliations with RENGO.

(3)RENGO Headquarters will cooperate with affiliated organisations and regional federations to create a system for securing and fostering of hands-on human resources to support systematization and building of sound industrial relations, and will seek to advance these efforts throughout the entire country.

3.System enhancement and strategy creation towards “10 Million RENGO NEXT (Tentative Title)”

(1)In addition to proceeding with the enhancement of systems at RENGO Headquarters, affiliated organisations and regional federations towards “10 Million RENGO NEXT” based on results and relevant issues, etc. including the outcomes of “10 Million RENGO” (scheduled to be realized by October 2020), we will create a strategy for RENGO as a whole in response to changes in the industrial structure and the labour market, and link it to initiatives from 2020 onwards.

(2)As advancing initiatives towards the expansion of our organization, we will make efforts to halt the decline in the number of union members by strengthening our organization.

(3)Affiliated organisations and member unions will advance initiatives towards the realization of the targets related to part-time workers, fixed-term workers, reemployed workers, and subsidiaries and affiliated companies confirmed by RENGO as a whole (November 2018 Central Executive Committee) by the end of September 2020.

4.Promotion of a broad-based movement through social dialogue at the central and regional levels

(1)By sharing issues through dialogue with political and administrative entities, employers, NGOs and NPOs, workers’ welfare organizations, RENGO affiliated organisations, and others, we will build networks in order to resolve problems, and advance cooperation at the central and regional levels.

(2)We will stand at the front of all working people and ordinary citizens, and we will uphold social campaigns to build a movement together.

(3)When disseminating information, we will examine the most effective methods with consideration of age, gender, region, etc. (strategic use of SNS and Web, central and regional media coverage, information dissemination using the Monthly RENGO, etc.).