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Priority Area 1

Pursuit of collective industrial relations in order to protect and connect all workers and advancement of a movement with a broad base in society

The National Center bears a responsibility to pursue the expansion and strengthening of collective industrial relations to meet changes in the environment of working colleagues, and, coordinating with RENGO headquarters, affiliates, and RENGO locals, to strengthen human resources, structures, and other foundations to achieve further penetration of the roles of trade unions in society and workplaces. We will also create movements with reach through active social dialogue and communication, with the aim of achieving a sustainable society.

1.Building and strengthening of collective industrial relations that encompass diverse workers

(1) We will work on the tightening of regulations, the assurance of proper operation of majority representation systems, and other matters in workplaces, with a view towards the future introduction of worker representation legislation and towards organizing and organizational strengthening that will lead to the reinforcement of foundations for building collective labour-management relations at all workplaces.

(2)To extend the fruits of collective labour-management relations to more working colleagues, in collaboration with our constituent organizations and regional RENGO organizations, we will organize issues and undertake the expanded application of collective agreements.

(3)We will work towards the strengthening of social safety nets based on RENGO’s approach to legal protections for workers working under “ambiguous employment,” towards the rethinking and enhancement of the concept of “workers,” etc.

2.Promotion of initiatives to connect and support working colleagues, and approach to new issues

(1)While enhancing the “RENGO Support Q for All Who Work” site (a.k.a. “Wor-Q”), and widely publicizing and expanding the site both inside and outside the organization, we will deepen RENGO’s connections with people working in varied jobs and forms of work and will build new mechanisms for movements that can be linked to policymaking.

(2)While promoting the constituent organization transition to local direct affiliates, special participating organizations, and regional unions (local labor unions), we will work to shape the ideal for Regional General RENGO (tentative name) with an awareness of new organizational issues associated with the diversification of work styles.

3.Achievement of expansion targets and strengthening of foundations for the realization of “RENGO Organizational Expansion Plan 2030”

(1)RENGO headquarters, constituent organizations, and regional RENGO organizations will thoroughly commit to organizational expansion. Towards that end, constituent organizations and regional RENGO organizations will make utmost efforts for the organization of part-time workers, fixed-term contract workers, re-employed workers, subsidiaries/affiliated companies, SMEs/local companies, etc., to achieve their own organizational expansion goals.

(2)We will advance initiatives to halt the decline in union membership through organizational strengthening. Towards that end, constituent organizations will strengthen communication, etc. within their organizations to check the decline of union membership, while RENGO headquarters provides support including collecting and sharing case studies of initiatives.

(3)Focusing on central organizers and based on the circumstances of constituent organizations, we will strengthen cooperation with organizations for which structural reinforcement is particularly difficult. We will also collaborate with managers’ groups, industry groups, and other parties and will work toward the improvement of environments for building labor-management relations, the organizing of major unorganized companies, etc.

(4)We will promote the assignment of local block/regional RENGO organizers and union-building counselors, and, in collaboration with local constituent organizations and regional councils, will work on organizing and relationship building with SMEs/local companies. Constituent organizations will work toward structural reinforcement, including the assignment of organizers, and RENGO headquarters will promote human resource development including enhancement of training sessions.

4.Initiatives for the revitalization of SMEs and regions using the RENGO Platform (“smiles and energy platform”)

(1)In collaboration with managers’ organizations and local governments, we will further promote initiatives that utilize the RENGO Platform (“smiles and energy platform”) for the sustainable development of SMEs that create regional employment and for the revitalization of regions where working people can live with peace of mind.

(2)We will collaborate daily with managers’ organizations that support SMEs, share information, and undertake measures to address issues shared by labuor and management.

5.Formation of public opinion and realization of policy by exploring new social movements, and building of movements that are “always at your side” with all working colleagues

(1) In “RENGO Action,” we will build social movements from perspective of citizens, centered on approaches to persons who we hope will take part in social movements, and will work to form public opinion through a virtuous cycle of communication, empathy, participation/action, and visualization/sharing of outcomes. We will connect with all working colleagues and consumers to develop open, participatory movements.

(2)Constituent organizations, regional RENGO organizations, and RENGO headquarters will coordinate to firmly establish “05 (Rengo) Day Action,” and will extend and deepen this activity inside and outside the organization.

(3)We will strengthen capabilities for communicating information inside and outside the organization through All RENGO, while promoting the strengthening of online-based communication and proliferation capabilities through constituent organizations and regional RENGO organizations.