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Action Policies 2018-2019

1 Organizing

Establishment of strategies and structure of the entire RENGO organization toward organizational expansion

1.Based on the overall efforts made in the past years at "RENGO with 10 Million Members," each and every organization will reconfirm each other’s goals, and the entire RENGO organization will share and carry out strategies and specific approaches to attain the goal for 2020.
In addition, it will communicate that the establishment of the collective labor-management relations is essential for promoting the work style reform within and outside RENGO. The affiliates in particular will instruct affiliated unions to unionize non-unionized workers of relevant companies and non-unionized corporation in their respective corporate groups. At the same time, RENGO will consider the fluidization and fragmentation of employment as a threat to workers and therefore discuss approaches to strategic expansion of its respective organizations and measures to be taken toward the future.

(1)RENGO Headquarters will propose and implement strategies for organizing mainly industries, industry sectors, occupational categories, and nation-wide businesses with a low unionization rate. RENGO will work together with the personnel in charge of organizing activities in the affiliates and RENGO local organizations to facilitate cooperation and collaboration toward specific unionizing efforts. In addition to the conventional organizer training, RENGO will set up a system which enables development of human resources who will instruct and cooperate with relevant persons concerned with respect to unionization related to specific cases in the affiliates and RENGO local organization, through actual expansion of RENGO’s respective organizations.
Along with that, RENGO will deepen understanding about its ideal labor- management relations in cooperation with employer’s associations and industry groups.

(2)Concerning affiliated unions, the affiliates will draw up a concrete plan to propel unionization activities, with non-regular workers working in relevant workplaces, and non-unionized subsidies and associated companies, and partner companies set as a target for organizational expansion. Furthermore, taking social influences into consideration, the affiliates will organize un-unionized major nation-wide businesses and endeavor to develop and deploy full-time staff dedicated to organizational expansion and strengthen the structure of local organizations and groups.

(3)In addition to unionization resulting from labor consultations, the RENGO local organizations will set companies with the headquarters in various regions as target for organizational expansion and put forth efforts in cooperation with RENGO Headquarters and affiliates. RENGO local organizations will also endeavor to strengthen the structure for expanding RENGO’s respective organizations, including deployment of full-time staff dedicated to organizational expansion.
Furthermore, they will deepen understanding about RENGO’s ideal labor- management relations in cooperation with local employer’s associations and other groups.

Progress in "organizational reinforcement" and establishment of sustainable central and local movements

2.With the aim of maintaining and expanding the RENGO movement for the future as well as solving sustained organizational and financial issues, RENGO will make its governance (organizational governance) system work, intending to effectively use resources that are the base of the movement and strengthen cooperation as a nation-wide organization. Along with these efforts, it will cultivate union leaders who will lead the next generation in a mid to long term so as to enhance the RENGO movement.

(1)Based on the report by the Organizing Committee about organizational reinforcement in the RENGO movement, RENGO will do its utmost to solve ongoing organizational and financial issues so that it can make a steady progress particularly in measures against workers not registered to RENGO local organizations, obtain information on addresses of union members, and promotion of official affiliation of amicably participating organizations, and affiliation of organizations specially participating in RENGO local organizations to the affiliates.
At the same time, it will hold comprehensive discussion on prioritization of the future RENGO movement, "selection and concentration," and what its finance is supposed to be in order to build a structure that enables execution of what have been discussed and make a progress on a steady basis.

(2)Regarding cultivation of union leaders, RENGO will create educational opportunities for the affiliates and RENGO local organizations which are not capable of carrying out educational activities on their own so that the affiliates, individual unions, and RENGO local organizations can educate their respective young officials about the basis of the labor movement and the roles of RENGO. In addition, RENGO will enhance the support function in accordance with its "RENGO guidelines to promote educational activities and labor education," and the affiliates will put forth their efforts, aiming for effective use and development of human resources of affiliated unions in the medium to long term. Furthermore, RENGO will promote its endowed chair in cooperation with RENGO local organizations.

Along with that, RENGO will hold "RENGO Youth Forums" for the purpose of cultivating young union leaders and increasing awareness of young union members about participation in the RENGO movement, and besides, have discussion and debates in the "Youth Activity Committee" so that the voice of young people will be incorporated in the RENGO movement. Furthermore, it will host meetings for a "committee for chairs of the national youth committees (provisional title)" by convening young committee leaders of RENGO local organizations with the aim of deepening understanding of the RENGO movement and revitalizing activities of young union members through horizontal development of good examples.

(3)In order to improve the information conveying function within RENGO, it will call for cooperation on further expansion of the number of copies of the monthly magazine "Gekkan RENGO" subscribed so that it can be distributed not only to the affiliates and RENGO local organizations but also to all individual unions, branches, and local councils. At the same time, RENGO strives to increase the number of registered e-mail addresses for receiving e-mail magazines sent by RENGO Headquarters directly to individual unions, branches, and local councils, aiming to register the e-mail address of all the officials of all individual unions, branches, and local councils in 2 years. In addition, RENGO will reorganize "RENGO-NET," a website for members only, as its online reference room.

Progress in the community-based face-to-face movement

3.RENGO will hold discussion on how to expand the local movement for the future as well as advancing the community-based RENGO movement based on participation of union members.

(1)Aiming to propel the "community-based face-to-face movement," RENGO local organizations and local councils will provide RENGO union members with more opportunities for taking part in and being involved in community activities and call for further participation of local affiliates and affiliated unions. For that purpose, the affiliates will enhance arrangement of the environment to grow the number of local affiliates and affiliated unions participating in the RENGO movement.
In addition, RENGO local organizations and local councils will establish movement with a strong presence which can earn trust from all the local workers and residents in cooperation with various organizations and groups.

(2)Aiming to propel sustainable community activities for the future, RENGO Headquarters will grasp and examine the current situation of the "260 local councils" based on the "survey of organization and activities of RENGO local organizations and local councils." In addition, it will discuss what the structure and activities of local councils are supposed to be to reach a conclusion.

Creation of labor movement through social cooperation and communication

4.RENGO will enhance efforts to foster cooperation and to have social communication with various related organizations and groups, aiming to deepen the understanding of the RENGO movement and trade unions and to raise social awareness.

(1)RENGO will enhance use of SNS and the Internet for disseminating information and cope more strongly with mass media so as to make RENGO and trade unions known widely in the society. In addition, it will proactively propel use of SNS by the affiliates and RENGO local organizations and assist each and every RENGO local organization in opening an account on Facebook and other social networks in the next 2-year period. Furthermore, it will carry out PR activities targeted at those who have little relation with trade unions and RENGO by participating in various events and using its official character, "Unionion".

(2)RENGO will continue to host "work rule certification exams" in order to foster social understanding about work rules, and aiming for simultaneously holding the examination in all the 47 prefectures in the fall of 2020 in response to the growing social significance and needs, it will arrange proper environment for such purpose and enhance PR activities.

(3)RENGO will develop the foundations for the "mutual support and aid campaign" and put the campaign into practice in order to facilitate participation of each and every union member and create a better society. It will develop a movement toward realization of RENGO’s ideal society and consider the movement as an approach that opens the door to the theory of the next-generation movement.

(4)RENGO will enhance cooperation with other relevant organizations including the 4 organizations in order to propel the RENGO movement, strengthen the social ability to take action, and enrich workers’ welfare. In addition, it will examine the businesses and activities conducted together with multifarious related like-minded organizations in various fields, such as workers’ welfare, retirees, politics, peace, and international relations, through a variety of central and local various related organizations, trying to make contributions to effective use of resources and expansion of the RENGO movement.

Promotion of the peace movement

5.RENGO will make efforts together with relevant organizations to promote world peace by (1) calling for consolidation and reduction of U.S. military bases in Japan and fundamental re-examination of the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement, (2) calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons and realization of support measures for atomic bomb victims based on state reparations, and (3) working toward resolution of territorial issues including the movement calling for the return of the Northern Territories. RENGO will continue discussing security-related issues including how the U.S. military bases in Japan should be.

6.Toward the NPT Review Conference (of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) scheduled to be held in 2020 and in addition to calling on the government of Japan, as the only country to have been a victim of nuclear bombing, as well as to exert diplomatic effort to develop agreement on the abolition of nuclear weapons, RENGO will reinforce its integrated efforts with the Japan Congress Against A-and H-Bombs (Gensuikin) and the National Council for Peace Against Nuclear Weapons (KAKKIN) and work with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and Mayors for Peace to expand the list of signatories to the NPT and to propel a joint movement by the government and people.

Enhancement of human rights and solidarity activities

7.RENGO will host informational meetings and engage in various kinds of action together with the Unified Central Congress for Buraku Liberation with the goal of adopting of the Human Rights Abuse Remedies Act (provisional title).
Regarding elimination of employment discrimination, taking account of the results of the "questionnaire for getting the handle on the current situation of employment screening," RENGO will grasp the current conditions in workplaces of affiliated unions and take concrete action, including labor-management consultation and negotiations at the official level, as well as boost enlightenment activities in cooperation with the affiliates and RENGO local organizations. Concerning the abduction of Japanese persons by North Korea, RENGO will cooperate with relevant organizations to call for the prompt liberation of kidnapped victims and the extradition of perpetrators and work to raise public awareness of the issue through informational meetings and other study meetings.

8.Regarding the "RENGO Heartfelt Fund," the whole RENGO organization will continue efforts to enrich the content of support activities. In addition, as a follow up activity to projects carried out by NGOs and NPOs, RENGO will conduct field surveys and work to strengthen its ties with affiliates and RENGO local organizations.

9.In order to achieve policies and schemes advocated by RENGO, it will join forces and collaborate with like-minded organizations and groups with the same purpose, such as Rofukukyo, Labour Banks, ZENROSAI, NGOs, and NPOs, especially with respect to issues and challenges affecting all Japanese citizens, by encouraging and proactively engaging in various social movements.

10.In anticipation of Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled to be held in 2020, RENGO Headquarters and RENGO Tokyo will work together to develop a support system, aiming to realize a mutually beneficial society in which everyone is able to participate. In addition to activities for making union members familiar with sports for the disabled, RENGO will consider dispatching volunteers.

Efforts to support disaster-affected areas

11.Under the regular communication system with RENGO local organizations in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kyushu earthquake which damaged mainly Kumamoto Prefecture, RENGO will continuously provide efforts and support with the aim of reconstruction and revitalization of the earthquake-suffered areas.

Countermeasures against natural disaster

12.RENGO will strengthen efforts to ensure that RENGO local organizations build networks with local community action groups and local volunteer groups so that they can take organizational action in a timely manner at the occurrence of disaster.