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Priority Area 2

Advancement of a movement that protects and creates a secure society and decent work

Amidst the progress of significant changes in the social and economic environment and the industrial structure, we will work to realize policy and improve working conditions for all working people, with “Cooperation with the RENGO Forum to realize policy through initiatives including lobbying national and local governments and political parties,” “Promotion of employment and labour policies with a tripartite structure as the fundamental principle,” and “Improvement of wage and working conditions and penetration into society as a whole based on a foundation of industrial relations” positioned as the basis of our movement.

1.Efforts in pursuit of integrated reforms of social security, education and taxation, looking towards 2035

(1)Looking towards the “era of the 100-year life,” in addition to enhancing social security to ensure that all people, including children and workers, are able to live with a feeling of security, and establishing an education system that enables learning to continue for a lifetime based on the guarantee of equal educational opportunities for all, we will strengthen our movement, for example by deploying public awareness activities, in order to realize a taxation system based on “fairness, solidarity and assent” that will form the foundation for the achievement of these goals.

(2)In order to ensure that the residents of all regions throughout the country are able to continue to live with a sense of security, we will advance efforts to reform the system of service provision to enable residents to continue to utilize services including medical, nursing care and childcare services, in addition to efforts to enable the securing of human resources and secure and reliable pensions.

(3)Seeking to realize regional communities that encourage coexistence, in which everyone is able to mutually connect, provide mutual support and assistance, and live with a sense of security, we will advance efforts to establish systems to support the lives of individuals and households experiencing multiple and diverse problems, including social isolation, economic impoverishment, simultaneous provision of care to children and the elderly, employment difficulties, difficulty in securing housing, and restrictions on movement.

(4)In order to improve the quality of education, we will realize reforms in work styles in schools, and correct the custom of working long hours among workers and teachers in education. In addition, we will broadly call on society to encourage the government to grasp the actual working conditions of teachers and, on this basis, to consider a fundamental review of the Special Wage Act.

2.Promotion of efforts to realize integrated solutions to economic, social and environmental issues, towards the realization of a sustainable and inclusive society

(1)In relation to trends in and potential effects of technological innovation (AI, IoT, etc.), in addition to sharing information utilizing sectoral and industry liaison committees, we will compile RENGO’s opinion regarding the examination and formulation of comprehensive measures to create quality employment and improve the quality of life, and the issues of technological innovation and employment.

(2)Looking towards the resolution of environmental issues, encompassing goals including the implementation of climate change responses involving Just Transition,※ realization of a recycling-oriented society, the conservation of natural capital, the guarantee of access to water, and the reduction of food loss, we will deploy a broad range of social campaigns including RENGO Eco Life 21 and the Environmental and Social Forum.

(3)In order to eliminate customer harassment, we will seek to legislate in relation to business responses, and work to establish a social consensus towards consumer education in relation to ethical consumer behaviour and appropriate methods of making complaints and requests for improvement to businesses. In addition, we will conduct an awareness-raising campaign regarding ethical consumer behaviour for trade union members to ensure that they are not guilty of unethical behaviour.

3.Promotion of employment and labour policies towards the realization of decent work for all working people

(1)In order to promote the entrenchment of the Work Style Reform Law in workplaces, in addition to efforts to correct long working hours (efforts to ensure appropriate Article 36 agreements, efforts to accurately understand the status of working hours, etc.) and comprehensive re-evaluation of business practices, we will advance initiatives including surveys of the status of disparities and efforts to improve working conditions in order to correct unreasonable disparities in treatment among part-time, fixed-term and temporary workers and regular workers.

(2)In relation to the Worker Dispatch Act and the Labour Contract Act (fixed-term contracts), based on the actual status of application of provisions of the acts, we will work to propose amendments from the perspective of worker protection, in order to ensure that careless deregulation does not occur.

(3)Seeking to realize protection of workers who work in more than one workplace, we will strive to realize improvements in relevant systems, including approval of worker’s accident insurance, totalization of benefits, re-examination of the application of unemployment insurance and the payment of benefits, adherence to regulations concerning total working hours, and measures to ensure the health of workers.

(4)In relation to the revision of the Act for Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons, we will seek to realize workplaces and social systems that enable elder people wishing to work to do so irrespective of their age.

(5)We will conduct and analyse the results of occupational health and safety surveys in order to eliminate work-related accidents that are on the increase, such as accidents involving collisions, falls and falling objects, and tackle to introduce further measures by industry and type of business. In addition, we will work to reconsider measures targeting “Karoshi”, death and suicide from overwork (including anti-harassment measures), and work-related injury certification standards.

(6)In cooperation with affiliated organisationss and regional federations, we will work to prevent the introduction of cash settlement system that might trigger unfair dismissal.

4.Improvement of wages and working conditions and strengthening the foundations of SMEs to support regional communities

(1)In addition to promoting to realize wage increases and the introduction of work styles that take the situations of all workers into consideration by means of the spring wages offensive and year-round labour-management negotiations, and to correct all disparities (between companies of differing size, between types of employment, between male and female workers, and between regions), we will also advance efforts to spread these benefits to society as a whole.

(2)In order to strengthen the management foundations of SMEs and revitalize regional communities, we will advance initiatives towards the realization of appropriate allocation of added value generated in the entire supply chain, including modes of work, and the establishment of a Basic Act concerning Public Contracts, ordinances related to public contracts, and a basic ordinance related to the promotion of SMEs.

(3)In addition to developing the existing Regional Forum into a “Regional Reactivation Forum (Tentative Name)” in order to provide a forum for cooperation among regional support groups representing government, labour and management and other entities towards the resolution of regional issues, we will also examine the possibility of cooperation with central and neighbouring regions, etc.

(4)Seeking to realize a society in which all working people are able to have a fruitful experience of work and are satisfied with their lives and work, we will attempt to ensure abundant time for family life and appropriate working hours.

(5)We will work to raise the minimum wage to a level at which it represents adequate compensation for labour, enhancing its function as a social safety net.