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Priority Area 2

Advancement of a movement that protects and creates a secure society and decent work

Improvement of wages and working conditions and strengthening the foundations of SMEs to support regional communities

1.Efforts in pursuit of integrated reforms of social security, education and taxation, looking towards 2035

(1)To put an end to placing burdens on future generations and to achieve a taxation system of “fairness, solidarity, and consent” from the standpoint of working colleagues and consumers, we will organize necessary measures on the basis of securing stable financial resources needed for building a sustainable and inclusive social security system, strengthening of income redistribution functions, and other issues that Japan faces, and will promote initiatives for drastic reform.

(2)We will promote initiatives for the enhancement of convenience for citizens at all levels through the digitalization of government and society, and for the realization of a sustainable and inclusive society through means such as the construction of a social safety net utilizing the “My Number” ID system.

(3)We will call for drastic reform of Japan’s system for medical care provision, a key component of social infrastructure, while promoting initiatives to secure human resources for medicine. To enable people to continue living free from worry anywhere in the nation, we will promote initiatives for the establishment of a level of income security against risks resulting from old age and disabilities, for the reform of service provision systems to enable continued use of services for long-term care, child-rearing, etc., and for the securing of human resources.

(4)We will promote the building of a harmonious society in which everyone can live free from worry, along with initiatives aimed at the development of structures that support the lives of people and households facing diverse and complex issues including children and child-rearing, long-term care, social isolation, economic distress, employment difficulties, securing of housing, and constraints on mobility.

(5)We will undertake the promotion of recurrent education and education to develop the qualities and capabilities needed for addressing issues as a member of society, including citizenship education, labor education, and consumer education. We will also support children’s learning across society and will promote initiatives to improve the quality of education.

2.Promotion of efforts to realize integrated solutions to economic, social and environmental issues, towards the realization of a sustainable and inclusive society

(1)Toward structural reforms of the economy and industry, we will promote initiatives to improve digital infrastructure for the economy and society overall, including further utilization of AI and the IoT, will consider various types of support needed for human resource development, vocational capability development, etc., and will strengthen the handling of ethics issues.

(2)With the aim of addressing climate change, building a cyclical society, and otherwise resolving issues in the environmental field, we will conduct awareness campaigns including the development of RENGO Eco-Life. To realize achieve carbon neutrality, we will examine issues and impacts on citizens’ lives, industry/employment, resources/energy, etc., along with countermeasures for these impacts.

3.Promotion of employment and labour policies towards the realization of decent work for all working colleagues

(1)Under the COVID-19 pandemic, we will promote initiatives that lead to utilization of the leave system of employment adjustment subsidies and utilization of registered assignment under industrial employment stability subsidies, to enable work with peace of mind. We also call for the restoration, in principle, of the treasury-borne share of special accounts for unemployment insurance, and, from the perspective of maintaining regional industry and employment, for the strengthening of job creation projects and job matching.

(2)We will work to address legal revisions as follows, based on our priority policies.

  • We will undertake revision of the rule for conversion to permanent employment to solve issues related to the protection of fixed-term contract workers, taking into account the actual state of operation.
  • We will not recognize easy expansion of the work subject to the Discretionary Working System for Management-related Work, as this may result in long working hours.
  • To achieve a society in which people facing difficulties in working can work continuously with peace of mind, we will promote reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities while enhancing support for balancing work with medical treatment.
  • For foreign workers, we will call for strict operation of a system based on the Act on Proper Technical Intern Training and Protection of Technical Intern Trainees. With regards to review of the Specified Skilled Worker system, we will assess circumstances such as conditions for acceptance, and will not allow easy expansion of areas of acceptance.

(3)Towards the establishment of legislation related to work-style reform, through the “Action! 36” initiative we will promote proper assessment and management of working hours, enforcement of the normalization of 36 Agreements, and business practice review that leads to improved work styles. We will also promote initiatives for the improvement of working conditions aimed at correcting unreasonable treatment differentiating part-time workers, fixed-term contract workers, and temporary workers from regular hired workers.

(4)From the standpoint of reducing occupational accidents, we will undertake improvement of physical workplace environments along with mental health measures. We will also promote initiatives enabling all workers to receive appropriate occupational health and safety education, regardless of form of employment.

(5)Constituent organizations and regional RENGO organizations will coordinate to obstruct the introduction of a monetary settlement system for layoffs that could induce unjustified layoffs.

4.Improvement of wages and working conditions and strengthening the foundations of SMEs to support regional communities

(1)Through the spring labour offensive and year-round labour-management discussions, we will work towards the realization of wage increases and working styles from the standpoint of all workers and towards the correction of all manners of disparities (company size, form of employment, gender, and region), and will promote society-wide extension of working conditions.

(2)To strengthen the management base of SMEs and to revitalize local communities, towards the achievement of appropriate distribution of added value created throughout the supply chain (with working styles included as well) we will undertake promotion of the establishment of a basic act on public contracts, ordinances on public contracts, and basic regulations on support for SMEs, along with promotion of the Declaration of Partnership Building. Through the Regional Revitalization Forum and other means, we will work to revitalize venues for the industry, government, academia, financial, labour, and press groups that support regions in order to collaborate on solving regional issues.

(3)With the aim to realize a society in which all working colleagues can work prosperously with purpose and motivation, we will strive to secure time for prosperous living and to realize ideal working hours.

(4)We will strive to raise the minimum wage to a level suitable as consideration for labour and to correct disparities among regions, and will strengthen related social safety net functions.