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Action Policies 2018-2019


Further expansion of "Let’s Start with the Workplace" campaign

1.RENGO will further expand and entrench the "Let’s Start with the Workplace" campaign in order to unionize non-regular workers and improve treatment of them in both the private and public sectors.

(1)RENGO Headquarters will produce a collection of accounts of actions, and disseminate and share information on examples of advanced efforts. In addition, it will encourage exchange of experiences and entrenchment of its activities by hosting symposiums, dispatching lecturers, and other efforts.

(2)The affiliates will help affiliated trade unions grasp the actual status of directly and indirectly employed non-regular workers, interact with them, and put forth efforts to unionize non-regular workers, encourage their participation in union activities, and improve their working conditions.

(3)RENGO local organizations will establish a Center for Non-Regular Workers in order to carry out activities of grasping the actual conditions of non-regular workers, holding informational meetings and exchange meetings about non-regular workers, and other approaches, such as disseminating information on efforts related to non-regular workers both within and outside the RENGO organization.

Promotion of efforts to improve hiring and working environment of young people

2.RENGO will produce materials to convey the value of work, rules of work, and the roles of trade unions and create opportunities for listening to students and young people, aiming to support students’ job seeking activities and improve the hiring and working environment for young people.

3.RENGO Headquarters will compile accounts of support for young people provided by the affiliates and RENGO local organizations, develop schemes for sharing successful examples, and expand the scope of efforts.

Information dissemination, raising public awareness, and network building with respect to issues of non-regular working

4.RENGO will work together with various organizations not related to trade unions to disseminate information, conduct surveys, and host seminars, aiming to raise public awareness of issues related to non-regular employment and the hiring and working conditions of young workers.

5.RENGO will explore the appropriate format of the collective labor-management relationship for non-regular workers.

Enhancement of the consultation function through the establishment of a Center for Labor Consultation

6.RENGO Headquarters will establish Labor Consultation Center in order to disseminate information on labor consultation that RENGO has provided as a familiar source for non-regular and non-unionized workers and make it well known in the society with the aim for facilitating a wider use of RENGO’s labor consultation than before.

(1)In addition to strengthening advertising activities of labor consultation offered by RENGO, RENGO Headquarters will engage in collection, analysis, and publication of examples of consultations as well as planning and advertisement of mass-consultation events, and propose policies and mount campaigns as necessary based on the actual circumstances of individual workplaces. Furthermore, in order to enhance the consultation system of RENGO local organizations and affiliates, RENGO will host informational sessions prior to mass-consultation events and other seminars as may be necessary.

(2)In order to improve the consultation function of RENGO local organizations, RENGO will provide information and arrange the environment contributing to effective and efficient consultation activities. In addition, it will enrich online labor consultation with the aim of enhancing the labor consultation system targeted at all workers. At the same time, it will encourage daily exchange of information for the purpose of boosting the ability to solve issues.

(3)RENGO Headquarters, RENGO local organizations, and local councils will work together with the affiliates and other related organizations and groups to expand labor consultation activities aiming for enhancement of the ability to organize, as well as to solve individual issues.