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Priority Area 3

Realization of workplaces and a society in which “True Diversity” that respects every individual and realize deeply rooted gender equality

We will strive to achieve workplaces and a society in which everyone recognizes the diversity of others regardless of gender, age, nationality, presence of disabilities, form of employment, or other differences, and supports each other. Towards this, we will promote equal participation by men and women , and will develop initiatives, including legislation and improvement of work environments, for gender equality and true diversity . Towards the achievement of Fair Work, we will ready a system to serve as a base for all working colleagues in response to increasing diversification of the difficulties faced in working.

Equal participation by men and women: Promoting women’s participation in labour unions to correct disparities and unreasonableness surrounding work by women.

Gender equality: Eliminating bias and discrimination based on socially and culturally created gender distinctions, respecting sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), and recognizing diversity in others.

True diversity: Respecting the human rights of all people and recognizing diversity with equal footing for all regardless of gender, age, nationality, presence of disabilities, form of work, and other differences. (16th term RENGO Policy)

1.Realization of workplaces and a broader society in which workers can work with satisfaction irrespective of gender, nationality, disability, type of employment, etc.

(1)To eradicate all forms of harassment, including not only power harassment and other forms subject to obligatory preventive measures but also customer harassment and harassment in job searching, we will work to further improve domestic laws, including the establishment of provisions for prohibition, and will promote efforts aimed at ratification of ILO Conventions.

(2)Following promotion of awareness of unconscious bias, from the standpoint of eliminating gender bias and a mindset of fixed gender-based roles and of respecting sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), we will work to foster a social culture of mutual respect for diversity without discrimination.

(3)Towards a society that recognizes diverse forms of family and lifestyle and the creation of systems suited to this society, we will promote the development of civil law, etc., including the introduction of a system for selection of separate surnames after marriage, the review of legislation involving parents, children, and families, and the securing of rights for same-sex partners.

(4)We will address job, living, human rights, and other issues faced by foreign workers and international students in Japan, and will promote the development of an environment aimed at coexistence and mutual recognition of others.

2.Efforts towards the promotion of equal participation by men and women, realization of gender equality, equal treatment, and work–life balance

(1)To raise the percentage of women in leadership positions in all fields, including labour unions, politics, and the economy, we will strengthen positive actions including the introduction of quota systems, while maintaining awareness of international standards.

(2)We will promote participation by women in decision-making processes, and will promote “gender mainstreaming” that reflects this in policies while conducting assessments of its impact.

(3) Constituent organizations, regional RENGO organizations, and RENGO headquarters will coordinate to achieve Phase 1 of the “RENGO Gender Equality Promotion Plan,” with the plan period through September 2024.

(4)Aiming for revision of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law and the prohibition of gender discrimination in the field of employment, we will assess the state of disparities among employment management categories and will work to correct the wage gender gap.

(5)We will strengthen support for women facing hardships due to employment/income instability, domestic violence, or other factors, while further expanding support systems for balancing childcare and long-term care leaves with the aim of harmony between jobs and lifestyles for all workers.

Gender mainstreaming: Encouraging participation by women in decision-making processes in all areas, and reflecting this in policies while conducting assessments of its impact.

3. Initiatives to promote “Fair Work”

(1)We will promote the “Start from the Workplace” movement, and, while advancing steady initiatives within the organization for non-regular labour issues and issues involving diverse working colleagues, will enhance social communication capabilities and broadly develop movements inside and outside the organization aimed at the achievement of true diversity.

(2)We will connect with diverse working colleagues, including those in non-regular or ambiguous employment and young or foreign workers, and will promote initiatives in collaboration with government, NGOs, NPOs, and other related bodies in order to solve problems including organization, improvement of working conditions, and incorporation into policies, with the aim of strengthening societal ripple effects.

4. Initiatives to strengthen handling of RENGO labour consultation

(1)Through review of our labour consultation structure (by consolidating labour consultation hotlines, etc.), we will work towards improvement of our capabilities to address varied consultations (improvement of labour counselor skills, etc.), the development of union building through collaboration inside and outside the organization with central, bloc, and regional RENGO organizers and other parties, and strengthening of labour counseling support at the RENGO Labour Consultation Center.

(2)We will strengthen initiatives to utilize labour consultation and other databases in RENGO policies and movements.

(3)We will begin the operation of chatbots for labour counseling, and refine them based on results.