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Priority Area 3

Realization of workplaces and a society in which “True Diversity” that respects every individual and realizes deeply rooted equality between sexes

RENGO seeks to realize workplaces and a broader society in which everyone accepts diversity and mutually supports each other irrespective of gender, age, nationality, disability, type of employment, etc. In order to realize this goal, we will advance initiatives towards the realization of equal participation between men and women and other aspects of “True Diversity,” including establishment of relevant laws and improvement of workplace environments.
In addition, looking towards the realization of “Fair Work,” as a response to the diversification of world of work in difficulties, we will establish systems to function and support all workers.

1.Realization of workplaces and a broader society in which workers can work with satisfaction irrespective of gender, age, nationality, disability, type of employment, etc.

(1)In order to eradicate all types of harassment, in addition to seeking to establish further laws, including prohibitive provisions, we will work towards the ratification of ILO Convention and promote the elimination of harassment at the workplace.

(2)Seeking to realize a society that respects diversity, we will formulate guidelines for education and raising awareness in order to eliminate gender bias (including unconscious gender bias) and notions of fixed gender roles, and we will seek to spread this awareness to society as a whole and improve workplace environments.

(3)In order to revise systems in a direction suitable to a society that accepts diverse types of family and lifestyles, we will promote the revision of Japan’s Civil Law (to create a system whereby married couples are able to retain their own family names, secure rights for same-sex partners, etc.) and work to improve workplace environments.

(4)We will promote the creation of workplaces that seek to realize “coexistence,” in which foreign workers in Japan and Japanese workers are able to work with mutual acceptance and respect.

2.Efforts towards the realization of gender equality, equal treatment, and work-life balance

(1)In order to raise the proportion of women in leadership positions in trade unions, politics, economic fields, etc. to the international level, we will promote the advancement of women by strengthening affirmative action by introducing a quota system for example.

(2)Seeking to realize the 4th RENGO Action Plan for Gender Equality (target set for September 2020), in addition to mounting initiatives involving RENGO Headquarters, affiliated organisations, and regional federations, we will share outcomes and problems that remain to be solved, and link this to initiatives from October 2020 onwards.

(3)We will make efforts to correct wage disparities between men and women by identifying the actual status of disparities between employment management categories, looking towards prohibition of gender discrimination in the area of employment and revision of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law.

(4)In order to ensure that all workers achieve harmony between work and life, we will promote childcare leave for male workers, enhance systems to support a balance between work and childcare, nursing care, etc. and improve workplace environments.

3.Efforts to promote “Fair Work,” including improvement to respond to consultations from diverse groups

(1)We will establish a “Fair Work Division” to work towards the realization of workplaces and a broader society in which “True Diversity” is strongly rooted.

(2)Through the Fair Work Division, we will widely publicize the importance of and necessity for “Fair Work” both within our organization and outside, looking towards the realization of “True Diversity.” In addition, we will examine the best direction for our labour consultation system (e.g. initiatives including consolidation, provision of responses in multiple languages, utilization of databases, and cooperation with the Life Support Centre in order to increase our ability to respond to consultations from diverse goups).

(3)We will advance initiatives in cooperation with a variety of related entities including administrations, NGOs and NPOs in order to solve the problems of our diverse working people (non-regular employment, ambiguous employment, youth employment, overseas workers, etc.) and boost our ability to have an influence on society. In addition, we will strengthen initiatives to make use of information including labour consultations and a variety of data from RENGO policies and the RENGO movement.