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Action Policies 2018-2019


Enhancement of efforts to realize policies advocated by RENGO

1.While incorporating policies aimed at realizing a "secure society based on work" sequentially in "demands and recommendations" and "priority areas," RENGO will pursue realization of these policies by calling on the central government, local governments, and political parties to take action. In addition, RENGO will promote the penetration of RENGO’s ideology in society by advancing social movement through dialogue and joint action with various organizations including the Japanese Confederation of Retired Persons, labor welfare organizations, and NPOs.

2.Every year, in addition to identifying "priority areas" in contraposition to the general policies and the budgetary request guidelines set forth by the government, RENGO will publish "guidelines for enforcing policies for the identified priority areas" with respect to ordinary and extraordinary sessions of the Diet and carry out activities toward the realization of policies advocated by RENGO.

3.For the purpose of boosting its ability to formulate policies, RENGO will redouble its efforts to collect and disseminate information by hosting "meetings for opinion exchange with respect to policy package" as well as "study meetings with respect to policy package," both of which are targeted at the affiliates and RENGO local organizations, in order to develop human resources capable of creating policies and strengthen networks with experts.

4.In order to propel various efforts put forth by RENGO local organizations and local affiliates, including advertising activities aimed at the members of individual enterprise-based unions and branches and campaigns for raising public awareness, RENGO will strive to raise fund for policy activities and consider more effective use and the future of the fund.

Continuation of efforts aimed at reconstruction and revitalization after earthquake disaster

5.RENGO will continue to call on the government to provide steadfast state backing for full-fledged reconstruction and recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, including personnel support for local municipalities in disaster-affected areas, smooth moving to permanent accommodations, integrated promotion of industrial and hiring policies, support to secure nurses and caregivers and other human resources in the fields of medicine, welfare, and long-term care, and support for reinforcing the education environment.

6.In order to reconstruct and revitalize Fukushima, RENGO will call on the government to act steadfastly and promptly to bring a conclusion to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant disaster and clean up the radioactive materials released by the accident, realize early return of evacuating residents, ensure food safety and alleviate fears regarding food safety, and to prevent damage to certain regions and industries resulting from negative public opinion related to the nuclear disaster.

7.RENGO will work with RENGO local organizations in disaster-affected areas (3 prefectures in the Tohoku region, and Kumamoto Prefecture) to gather information through field surveys and interviews regarding actual circumstances on the ground and call on the central and local governments to respond to the needs that have been identified.

Promotion of sustainable and healthy economic growth

8.RENGO will assemble approaches for promoting economic and industrial policies and employment policies in an integrated manner, such as concentrating policies in areas that are expected to have a substantial impact on employment growth, focusing on policies for developing human resources, and securing decent work in high growth areas.

9.With respect to negotiations regarding economic partnership agreements, RENGO will cooperate with the ITUC and trade unions in negotiating countries and call on the Japanese government to conduct appropriate negotiations with regard to issues related to labor, environment, and safety and security. In addition, RENGO will call on the government to provide the public with appropriate information and to work conscientiously to build a consensus among the people.

10.With respect to actions to be taken for changes that may occur with the advancement of the "fourth industrial revolution," such as technological innovation including IoT, big data, and AI, RENGO will compile issues and challenges and enact concrete measures. In addition, RENGO will call for the establishment of a framework for promoting participation of labor and management in discussing countermeasures against such issues and challenges.

11.With the aim of properly allocating added value produced by the supply chain as a whole, RENGO will call on the government and management’s associations to observe relevant laws, including the Subcontract Act, and make every person concerned thoroughly understand such laws in order to forge a fair and appropriate trade relation between and among companies. In particular, it will call for steadfast arrangement of an environment which enables proper price pass-through of the increasing costs, such as material costs and personnel expenses.

Efforts related to community revitalization and rural development

12.In order to link the activities related to "Vitalization of Towns, People, and Jobs (rural development)" by the government with RENGO’s efforts of "early realization of RENGO’s ideal policies" and "putting the community-based face-to-face labor movement into practice," RENGO will continue to proactively participate in the activities of rural development. In addition, RENGO local organizations, local councils, affiliates, and RENGO Headquarters will work closely together and perform their respective roles to the fullest.

Realization of RENGO’s energy policies and promotion of countermeasures to global warming

13.Taking the securing of alternatives to nuclear energy and proactive promotion of renewable energy sources and energy conservation as a given, RENGO will work to reduce dependence on nuclear energy in the mid to long terms, with the ultimate goal of creating a society that does not depend on nuclear energy at all.

14.RENGO will call strongly on the Japanese government to discuss measures regarding the ideas of "fair transition" and "decent work" stipulated in the "Paris Agreement" through social dialogue by tripartism while increasing the effectiveness of the Agreement as a framework of countermeasures to global warming in and after 2020.

15.Based on the understanding and cooperation of the Japanese people, RENGO will work to promote productive social dialogue in order to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions while balancing "environmental protection" and "economic growth" and call on the government to strengthen and promote measures to reduce gas emission more than ever before.

16.RENGO will continue and augment its "RENGO Eco-Life 21" campaign as a national campaign aimed at a shift to environmentally-friendly lifestyle. In addition, RENGO will enhance activities by trade unions in the environment-related sectors in order to attain the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Development of campaigns for tax reform based on "fairness, solidarity, and agreement"

17.RENGO will work to strengthen the income redistribution function of the tax system, with the goal of promoting comprehensive reform of social security and taxation. For that purpose, RENGO will strive to introduce "consumption tax credit" and "earned income tax credit" which will promote employment as the "tax credit combined with a benefit payout" covering the low-income groups. Furthermore, RENGO will call for repeal from the reduced consumption tax rate.

18.In addition to improving the public’s understanding of taxes and raising taxpayers’ awareness through various efforts, including "filing of income tax returns and returns for refunds" by hosting forums on the tax system and by using RENGO website, RENGO will call on the government to introduce a system that offers choices between the self-assessment system and the year-end tax adjustment system to salaried employees and to arrange an environment for the introduction.

19.In addition to urging the government to take steps to allay the public’s concerns regarding the "My Number" Individual Number System, including those related to the strict protection of personal information, and to make the system fixed to the society, RENGO will call on the government to correct unfairness in the tax system and to reform the system to ensure that social security benefits are reliably paid out.

20.Based on the review and verification of the "fundamental principles of the third tax reform" (formulated in 2011) and the "RENGO vision 2035" (provisional name; planned to be examined in October 2018), RENGO will set forth "fundamental principles of the fourth tax reform."

Realization of a social security system that supports all generations

21.Aiming to establish safe and reliable medical and long-term care services, RENGO will work to conduct simultaneously revision of medical fees and compensation for nursing care and to secure fair access to high-quality medical and nursing care services.

22.In order to steadily secure human resources in the medical, nursing care, and childcare fields, RENGO will work to further improve the working conditions and working environment for the staff.

23.RENGO will strive to solve the issue of children on day-care waiting list as early as possible, aiming to make it easier for parents to maintain good balance between work and childcare. For that purpose, RENGO will endeavor to secure stable financial resources to provide support for children and child-rearing.

24.RENGO will work to realize a safe and reliable pension system with an enhanced life security function. In addition, RENGO will put forth efforts to further expand application of social insurance, reduce the number of offices to which the insurance system is not applied, and strengthen governance of investment of pension reserves.

25.RENGO will work to maintain requirements for livelihood protection which enables healthy and cultural life, establish an implementation scheme for the Self-reliance Support System for the Poor, and strengthen measures against the poverty of children.

26.Aiming to eliminate discrimination against disabled people, RENGO will propel efforts to drastically strengthen the Disability Discrimination Elimination Act. Furthermore, RENGO will work to develop systems and an environment in which individuals taking care of children and persons with disabilities can continue their work.

27.RENGO will formulate a new "vision for social security" based on "RENGO Vision 2035" (provisional; planned to be examined in October 2018).

Efforts to create a fair and sustainable society

28.Toward establishment of a fair and sustainable society, RENGO will work to promote responsible investment of trade union funds and corporate pension funds.

29.In accordance with the "sustainable procurement codes" which stipulate requirements for goods and supplies to be procured for Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, RENGO will call on the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to make all the providers of goods and services (suppliers and licensees) fully understand and follow the international standards related to labor, including the Core Labour Standards of the ILO.

30.In order to promote the establishment of a basic law and ordinances on public contracts, RENGO will call on the central government, local governments, and political parties, exchange opinions with concerned government agencies and employers’ organizations, reinforce the sharing of issues and information with RENGO affiliates and local organizations, and instruct RENGO local organizations to host informational sessions and other meetings on the issue with members of the Diet in attendance.

Efforts to realize democratic civil service reform and decentralization of administrative power

31.In addition to calling on the central and local governments to enact democratic civil service reform in a manner that protects basic labor rights and implementing measures to improve the treatment of temporary and part-time civil government workers, RENGO will strive to facilitate the public’s understanding of needs for recovery of the basic labor rights.

32.Aiming to enrich a system to provide public services in response to a declining population and ultra-aging society with a low birth rate, RENGO will call on the central government to review the roles and authorities of central and local governments, to promote transfer of financial resources, and to support activities of wide-area cooperation among local governments.

Ensuring secure and safe food and good quality life, and improvement of the social infrastructure

33.RENGO will urge the central and local governments to enact measures to secure and cultivate human resources who will engage in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, to strengthen the financial base and competitiveness of these sectors, to promote the sixth-order industrialization, to enhance the multiple functions of agricultural and forest areas, to expand the consumption and use of domestic food and wood materials, and to improve Japan’s self-sufficiency.

34.RENGO will call for the implementation of an appropriate and easily- understandable food labeling system and expansion and effective use of the consumer affairs consultation offices. In addition, RENGO will call on the central and local governments to strengthen policies to protect consumers, such as by establishing a healthy relationship between consumers and workers engaged in businesses and by promoting consumer education in order to encourage consumers’ self-dependence and ethical consumption behavior.

35.With respect to extending the service life and counteracting deterioration of the existing social capital, RENGO will call on the government to take effective measures from the perspectives of future convenience and needs of the citizens depending on priority.

36.RENGO will call on the central government to take measures to alleviate burdens imposed on local governments who take countermeasures to abandoned houses, such as financial support and sharing of advanced examples.

37.With respect to the "basic plan for transportation policies," RENGO will call on the central government to provide advice to local governments during the plan development stage, as well as to ensure transparency and visibility and perform a "follow-up" of projects that have been carried out.

38.RENGO will call on the central and local governments to reform water-related laws and to develop plans and regulations for water use based on the "Basic Act on the Water Cycle" whose aim is to propel policies related to the aquatic environment in a comprehensive and unified manner.

Enhancement of disaster prevention and disaster reduction measures

39.RENGO will call on the central and local governments to increase the disaster prevention capability of the country as a whole, to strengthen countermeasures for individuals who are most vulnerable in disaster, to cultivate and secure essential disaster prevention and disaster reduction personnel, to strengthen educational efforts to raise the public’s disaster awareness, and to prepare and inspect hazard maps that presume all types of disasters.

Reduction in disparity and ensuring equal opportunities in education, and promoting labor education and citizenship education

40.Aiming to break the cycle of poverty, RENGO will call on the government to provide free education during a period from preschool to higher education and to expand the non-refundable scholarship program for higher education to ensure that disparities in household financial circumstances do not result in disparities in education.

41.Aiming to deepen and effectively utilize knowledge related to work, such as work rules and industrial health and safety, RENGO will engage in efforts to ensure that these are included in the education curricula developed for each educational stage, ranging from the preschool period to the higher education period.

42.Aiming to instill the basic knowledge and awareness needed to function as independent, full-fledged members of society, RENGO will engage in the promotion of citizenship education.

43.RENGO will formulate "medium to long-term policies on the educational system (provisional title)" based on the "RENGO Vision 2035" (provisional title; planned to be examined in October 2018).