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Areas for Advancement 1

Efforts in the areas of peace, human rights, and contribution to society via social solidarity and succession to the next generation

In addition to demonstrating the broad-ranging spirit and power of like-minded people in relation to public issues and regional issues, we will take on actual realities such as war and large-scale disasters without withering before them. Further, through the experience of participating in activities that contribute to society, we will mobilize the spirit of those like-minded people and boost the strength of our movement.

1.Advancement of a movement whose members mutually support and assist each other

(1)Through our “Unifan” activities, we will promote participation in and support of activities to provide mutual support and assistance being conducted by entities including regional trade unions and NGOs/NPOs, working to create union “fans” and advance activities that contribute to society.

(2)With regard to RENGO Ai no Kanpa, we will strengthen our cooperation with affiliated organisations and regional federations in order to enhance the details of the support provided and conduct follow-up activities in relation to support organizations.

2.Promotion of peace activities

(1)In addition to working on the four RENGO peace actions, we will cooperate with related organizations to advance the following initiatives: 1) Consolidation and reduction of the size of US military bases in Japan and a fundamental review of the Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement; 2) Abolition of nuclear weapons and realization of support for survivors of the atomic bombings based on the provision of national support for survivors; and 3) Return of the northern territories and conclusion of a Japan-Russia peace agreement.

(2)We will continue to discuss security-related issues, including the future direction for US military bases in Japan.

(3)Looking towards the 2020 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), in addition to collecting 10 million signatures from citizens supporting the abolition of nuclear weapons together with the Japan Congress against A- and H-Bombs and KAKKIN, by participating in the Review Conference, we will advance efforts to urge the government to build a consensus and to make diplomatic efforts towards the abolition of nuclear weapons.

(4)We will develop a united public and private sector movement through cooperation with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and Mayors for Peace.

3.Strengthening of human rights- and solidarity-related activities

(1)Looking towards the establishment of the Act concerning Remediation of Human Rights Violations (tentative title), we will organize a variety of actions and study group meetings in cooperation with the Central Joint Committee for Buraku Liberation.

(2)Seeking to eliminate employment discrimination, we will cooperate with affiliated organisations and regional federations to strengthening advocate more strongly. In addition, we will survey the actual status of member union workplaces and work for concrete correction of issues (e.g. labour-management discussions, etc.).

(3)Seeking an early solution to the issue of abduction of Japanese citizens by North Korea, we will cooperate with affiliated organizations in order to conduct study group meetings and influence public opinion.

(4)Seeking to realize the success of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics (2020), in addition to advancing activities to educate the public regarding para-sports and strengthening responses involving the dispatch of volunteers, we will request the Organizing Committee to conduct thorough education programs to ensure adherence to international labour standards.

4.Strengthening of efforts in response to natural disasters and formulation of cooperative business continuity plan (BCP)

(1)We will maintain our initiatives towards recovery and regeneration following natural disasters.

(2)We will advance initiatives to strengthen and enhance regional disaster prevention and mitigation measures and measures for those requiring assistance in the event of a disaster. In addition, we will advance organizational responses (volunteer responses, etc.) and build networks with regional and interested organizations.

(3)We will formulate a RENGO Headquarters business continuity plan (BCP), put operational cycles (education, training, etc.) into effect, and cooperate with regional federations.