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Areas for Advancement 1

Efforts in the areas of peace, human rights, and contribution to society via social solidarity and succession to the next generation

We will exert the ideas and capabilities of like-minded colleagues to address wide-ranging issues facing citizens and regions, while communicating the reality of wars, major disasters, and so on to keep these experiences from fading away. We will also collect the thoughts of colleagues through experiences participating in social contribution activities, to enhance the power of movements.

1.Promotion of mutual support and aid movements

(1)We will promote the penetration, expansion, and communication of the Unifan Movement to increase participation in social contribution activities. While deepening ties with organizations including union members, citizens, communities, NPOs, and NGOs, we will promote initiatives that serve as nodes in movements leading to the resolution of social issues.

(2)We will undertake the strengthening of collaboration with constituent organizations and regional RENGO organizations to enhance the content of support for the “RENGO/Love Campaign” campaign and the follow-up activities of supporting groups, and will work towards organic collaboration with Unifan.

(3)We will examine new methods for fund-raising.

2.Promotion of peace movements

(1)While promoting initiatives to communicate the reality of war to future generations, we will take advantage of the characteristics of local participation and online participation in the 4 Peace Actions, and will work to expand the number of experiencers and foster a sense of participation.

(2)We will strengthen initiatives in collaboration with related organizations to achieve steady progress towards the policy issues of the RENGO 4 Peace Actions: (1) Organization/reduction of US military bases in Japan and fundamental review of the Japan–US Status of Forces Agreement, (2) Abolition of nuclear weapons and support for atomic bombing survivors, and (3) Return of the Northern Territories and conclusion of a Japan–Russia peace treaty.

3.Approach to diversifying human rights issues

(1)Through the development of collaborative movements by relevant bureaus, we will work to address diversifying current issues related to human rights by raising awareness of issues, development of legislation, etc.

(2)We will promote initiatives in collaboration with related organizations to address ongoing issues such as the enactment of the Act on Relief from Human Rights Infringements (tentative name), elimination of employment discrimination, and the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea.

4.Strengthening of initiatives for natural disasters and formulation of a business continuity plan (BCP)

(1)We will continue initiatives for recovery and reconstruction following natural disasters.

(2)While examining ideals for volunteer activities and other means of support in response to changes in the environment, we will undertake strengthening and enhancement of measures for regional disaster readiness and mitigation and measures for people requiring assistance following disasters.

(3)We will put into practice a cycle of formulation, updating, and operation (education/training, etc.) for the RENGO headquarters Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and engage in further cooperation with local regional RENGO organizations, sharing know-how with constituent organizations as needed.