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Areas for Advancement 2

Promotion of political activities towards the realization of a sound parliamentary democracy and the realization of policy

Seeking to ensure a sound parliamentary democracy and to realize policy for workers and ordinary citizens, we will advance political activities for the benefit not only of union members, but also of workers who are not yet members of a union.

1.Fundamentals of political activities

(1)In order to realize the fundamental purpose of trade unions, the achievement of stable employment and livelihoods, it is not enough to mount initiatives within individual companies alone. The implementation of political activities that aim to realize improvement and reform of national and regional policies and systems is also essential. Another essential factor in the mounting of political activities by trade unions is the realization of increased political awareness among all working people (including trade union members) and ordinary citizens, and their individual participation in said political activities. To this end, we will continue in our efforts to share RENGO’s political principles and policies, beginning with union members.

(2)Seeking to realize the goals of “A Secure Society based on Work – Protecting, Connecting and Creating,” we will emphasize cooperative relationships with political parties and individual politicians that share our goals and policies, and proactively advance political activities.

(3)Seeking to realize a party political system that enables the functioning of a sound parliamentary democracy and politics, and policies that prioritize working people and ordinary citizens. Also to establish a political system in which both the ruling and opposition parties adopt a mutually complementary approach to policy, we will advance political and election-related activities, including seeking to institute a two-party system that enables alternating administrations, based on the provisions of “The Politics we are Aiming For” in “RENGO’s Political Guidelines.”

2.Promotion of political activities

(1)We will strive to build everyday relationships with political parties.

(2)Maintaining a focus on the holding of national and local elections, we will work to create an environment enabling us to apply our full capacity in each case.

(3)Because Diet members within the RENGO organization have played an important role in connecting RENGO and the Diet, we will work further to strengthen cooperation even after the disbanding of the RENGO Diet members’ Committee.

(4)We will attempt to convince union members of the importance of political activities and encourage their active participation by means of the formulation and deployment of tools and materials for political education. In addition, we will ensure comprehensive compliance with laws and regulations based on the Public Officers Election Act and the Political Funds Control Act. In line with this, we will be active in mounting programs to promote voting, including prevention of voter abstention and encouragement of early voting.

3.Efforts to achieve political reforms towards the realization of a sound parliamentary democracy

(1)Seeking to realize a more mature democracy in Japan, in addition to cooperating with Diet members who are members of “the RENGO Forum” in order to deepen related discussions, we will demand genuinely essential political reforms. That includes reform to realize a fair and equitable electoral system that is based on the citizen’s perspective, and reform of the Diet including the enhancement of discussions and the realization of more efficient operation.

(2)In order to boost interest and trust in politics among citizens, we will demand the creation of an environment to promote improvements including the enhancement of voter education in order to increase the voting rate and solve the issue of shortage of candidates.

4.Revitalization of local politics

(1)It is essential that local residents themselves participate in politics, and that local assemblies realize the will of the people that are selected and constituted on this basis. In order to enable this, we will work proactively to realize the revitalization of local politics.

(2)By means of revitalizing organizations including the Committees for Recommended Members of the regional federations, we will increase the intimacy of our cooperation with Diet members and members of local assemblies, and we will seek to realize policy through initiatives including regular consultation with leaders, parties and parliamentary groups. In line with this, we will demand the formulation of a Basic Parliamentary Ordinance to establish an environment that will allow enhancement of the functions of the system of dual representation in local assemblies, the improvement of resident welfare, and the development of local governments.

(3)Based on the Report of the PT for Review of Measures to Enhance the Ability to Realize Policy in Japan’s Regional Areas and the Manual for Increasing the Number of Assembly Members within the Organization, we will work to expand sites of political power that adopt the perspective of the worker.