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Areas for Advancement 2

Promotion of political activities towards the realization of a sound parliamentary democracy and the realization of policy

To achieve stability in employment and life, the fundamental purpose of labour unions, it is indispensable that we undertake political activities aimed at the improvement and reform of national and local policies and structures, while all working persons and consumers, including union members, raise their awareness of politics and personally participate in political activities. Towards the achievement of policy for sound parliamentary democracy and for working people and consumers, we will promote political activities for all working people, including both union members and unorganized workers.

1.Fundamentals of political activity

(1)Toward the realization of a “A Secure Society based on Work – Protecting, Connecting, and Creating,” we will emphasize cooperative relations with political parties and politicians who share our objectives and policies, and will actively promote political activities.

(2)Taking heed of the growing political distrust among voters under the COVID-19 pandemic, RENGO will further strengthen its communication capabilities and will strive to promote understanding of politics and elections by union members and voters to increase voter turnout.

(3)RENGO organizations will coordinate in politics and election campaigns on the basis of the politics sought by RENGO in the RENGO Political Policy, including “Eliminate left/right totalitarianism and seek the establishment of party politics under which sound parliamentary democracy functions,” “Seek the realization of politics and policies that prioritize workers and consumers,” and “Aim for a two-party structure that makes transition of power possible, to establish a political structure under which ruling and opposition parties engage in policy under friendly rivalry.”

2.Promotion of political activities

(1) Looking ahead to the implementation of national elections (49th House of Representatives general election and 26th House of Councilors regular election) and local elections, in order to direct full efforts at each of these we will focus on improving the environment on the basis of summary review of the three national elections (confirmed at the 21st Central Executive Committee, 17 June 2021).

(2)We will work toward the further strengthening of collaboration with members of the RENGO Forum and creation of a system for close collaboration with constituent organization supporting members.

(3)We will strive to collect information through relationship-building with political parties, politicians, and other related organizations.

(4)Taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we will encourage union members to actively participate in politics through means such as the creation and deployment of materials for political education and the use of online meetings, social media, video sharing, and other web services. We will also work to enforce legal compliance based on the Public Offices Election Act and the Political Funds Control Act. Together with this, we will actively address the prevention of abstention and the promotion of voting, including early voting, as social responsibilities of labour unions, while making refinements in terms of movements.

3.Initiatives for political reform to achieve sound parliamentary democracy

(1) Towards the realization of sound parliamentary democracy, we call for reform of the electoral system from the standpoint of citizens in a fair and impartial manner, including improvement of the voting environment and elimination of the House of Councilors combined constituencies, enhancement of deliberations and improvement of operational efficiency, reform of the Diet to achieve further strengthening of administrative monitoring functions, expansion of participation by men and women to reflect diverse public opinion in politics, and other truly needed political reforms, with knowledge from the COVID-19 pandemic considered as well.

(2)Towards the promotion of political participation by citizens and the maturation of democracy in Japan, we will call for the promotion and enhancement of citizenship education.

4.Revitalization of local politics

(1)Participation in politics by residents and the fulfillment of public will through local councils selected and composed on that basis are indispensable elements of regional revitalization. Towards the realization of this, we will actively work towards the revitalization of local politics.

(2)Through the revitalization of Diet member get-togethers in regional RENGO organizations, we will closely collaborate with Diet members and local assembly members with the aim of achieving policy while holding regular discussions with leaders, parties, and factions. Together with this, we will call for the establishment of basic regulations on the Diet aimed at the development of local government, improvement of residents’ welfare, and development of an environment for enhancing the functions of the dual representation system in local assemblies.

(3)Based on the report “PT for the Study of Measures for Strengthening Capabilities for Policy Realization in Local Regions” and on the “Manual for Expanding Assembly Members in Organizations,” we will undertake the expansion of political power from the standpoint of working people.