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Action Policies 2018-2019


Basics of political activities

1.RENGO will proactively engage in political activities while emphasizing cooperative relationships with political parties and politicians whose objectives and policies are consistent with those of RENGO with the goal of realizing a "secure society based on work."

2.RENGO will carry out political and election campaign activities based on "RENGO’s Vision for Politics" set out in the "political policy of RENGO" whose goals include the establishment of party politics in which a healthy parliamentary democracy can function, realization of politics and policies that prioritize workers and citizens, and development of a two-party system in which regime change is a real possibility as a first step towards creation of a political system in which political parties mutually elevate their policies through friendly rivalry.

3.RENGO will promote political activities for all workers, including not only union members but also non-unionized workers.

Partnerships with political parties and members of assemblies

4.RENGO will continue cooperating with the Democratic Party which expresses its intension to engage in political activities from the standpoint of "the citizens" and "workers." In addition, RENGO will strengthen support for the Democratic Party, aiming to accomplish the policies advocated by RENGO.

5.RENGO will lobby all opposition parties to deepen their understanding of the policies and systems advocated by RENGO.

6.RENGO will continue to lobby the current administration and parties in power to deepen their understanding of the policies advocated by RENGO.

7.RENGO will enhance mutual cooperation and activities among the members of parliament in RENGO’s internal meetings with members of parliament. Furthermore, RENGO will continue cooperating with the internal meetings.

Promotion of political activities

8.RENGO will encourage workers to deepen their understanding of the importance of political activities and to participate in political activities through production and development of materials for political activities. Along with that, RENGO will host political workshops and study sessions.

9.The Political Centers of RENGO Headquarters and RENGO local organizations play a major role in holding opinion exchange meetings and workshops in order to encourage candidates nominated by RENGO to deepen their understanding of the policies advocated by RENGO.

10.RENGO will consider the Internet as one of the effective means of disseminating information and therefore redouble its efforts to use the Internet as a useful tool in election campaign activities.

Promotion of election campaign activities

11.For the national election scheduled to be held by September 2019, by-elections for the House of Representatives and House of Councilors, and local elections such as nationwide local elections, RENGO will proactively cooperate with the affiliates, RENGO local organizations, and local councils so that all the candidates nominated by RENGO will be elected.

12.Taking into consideration the report by the "Project Team for Exploring Measures for Enhancing the Ability to Enact Policies in Rural Areas," RENGO will strive to expand a political force which will engage in political activities from the standpoint of workers.

13.RENGO will propel full observance to laws, including the Public Offices Election Act and the Political Funds Control Act, in election campaign activities. At the same time, as a social responsibility of trade unions, RENGO will proactively engage in activities of preventing abstention and voting promotion campaigns including early voting.

Action on constitutional debates and promotion of understanding about the system of the law of minimum age for voting on constitutional revisions

14.With regard to constitutional debates, RENGO will call on political parties to hold careful discussion from various perspectives toward national consensus building and provide honest and precise information as the basis of the discussion. At the same time, RENGO will put forth efforts to grasp the trend of the Constitutional Council of the Diet and share awareness through interviews with experts.

15.RENGO will create opportunities for education in the system of the law of minimum age for voting on constitutional revisions and work to facilitate understanding through production and dissemination of materials that include information on the overview of the system. In addition, if the government decided to hold a national referendum, RENGO will explain the importance of voting to the public.

16.RENGO will deepen its knowledge of the political situations in the world as well as collect and study accounts of national referendums conducted in other countries.

Revitalization of local politics

17.RENGO local organizations will request local assemblies to arrange the environment for the purpose of enriching functions of the dualistic representative structure and formulate "basic regulations for legislative assemblies" whose aims are to improve the citizen’s welfare and achieve prosperity of local governments.

18.RENGO local organizations will cooperate with endorsed members of the National Diet and local assembly members through vitalization of the "colloquia with endorsed Diet members" and strive to expand the number of policies enacted while regularly holding discussion with various party heads and factions of various parties.