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Areas for Advancement 4

Promotion of securing and fostering human resources and education of workers towards the realization of a synergistic effect between RENGO and related organizations

We view the securing, training, and education of human resources as pressing issues in supporting the succession and development of the labour movement. We will aggregate diverse knowledge and build a system enabling people to demonstrate synergies with RENGO and related organizations. We will also enhance opportunities inside and outside organizations to broadly learn about labour education, rules related to labour, and the rights of working colleagues.

1.Securing and development of human resources that support RENGO movements

(1)In response to the recommendations of the “Comprehensive Human Resources Strategy Program,” we will collaborate with RENGO headquarters, constituent organizations, regional RENGO organizations, related organizations, etc. and will transition to steady action regarding our five countermeasures under consideration ((1) Creation and operation of a Human Resources Bank (tentative name), (2) Initiatives to secure future leaders, (3) Formulation of career models, (4) Enhancement of education and training and promotion of their utilization, and (5) Promotion of human resources exchanges).

(2)We will promote human resource development aimed at next-generation leaders and female leaders in central and local areas, by means including launching and using RENGO Youth-Star College to develop union leaders who will shoulder the labour movement.

2.Utilization of human resources and knowledge in collaboration with organizations related to RENGO

(1)To make better use of the human resources turned out by various educational institutions, we will collaborate with related organizations (RENGO-RIALS, JILAF, ILEC, Chuo-Rofukukyo, Roi-Rokyo, Taishokusha-RENGO, etc.) and, based on the knowledge of these organizations, will strengthen and enhance RENGO in terms of policy and movements.

3. Promotion of wide-ranging labour education inside and outside organizations

(1)To acquire knowledge of the work rules that are essential for both workers and employers, we will actively be involved in and cooperate with the implementation and establishment of “work rule testing” and enhancement of the social standing of the testing system.

(2)In collaboration with ILEC and regional RENGO organizations, we will undertake enhancement and expansion of labour education for the younger generation that will shoulder the future, through means including RENGO university/graduate school endowed chairs and university/high school visiting lectures.

4.Enhancement of archive collection

(1)We will enhance the functions of the archive collection attached to the documents room, while strengthening collaboration with other labour archive centers.

5.Initiatives for the development of international human resources

(1) To develop international human resources, we will continue dispatches of human resources to overseas diplomatic missions and to ITUC, ITUC-AP, etc., and will examine new dispatch destinations including OECD-TUAC. We will also strengthen information sharing through means including online training programs, and will strengthen efforts to encourage active participation.