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Areas for Advancement 4

Promotion of fostering of human resources and education of workers towards the realization of a synergistic effect between RENGO and related organizations

We consider education and the fostering of human resources to be pressing issues in ensuring the succession and development of the labour movement, and we intend to utilize a diverse range of knowledge in building a system that will enable us to generate a synergistic effect between RENGO and related organizations. In addition, we will provide labour-related education to workers both within and outside our organization, and we will broadly enhance opportunities for learning about subjects including labour-related rules and workers’ rights.

1.Fostering of human resources to enable the generation of a synergistic effect between RENGO and related organizations

(1)We will systematically collect information regarding the diverse systems of education and courses operated by RENGO (RENGO Academy, RENGO Graduate School, etc.) and organizations including the Institute of Labour Education and Culture (ILEC), the Japan Labour Culture Foundation, JILAF, and RENGO Soken, and use our findings to create a system of education that could be realized only by RENGO.

(2)As an initiative for the fostering of union leaders who will support the labour movement, we will foster human resources both centrally and regionally with a focus on next-generation leaders and female leaders.

2.Utilization of human resources and knowledge in cooperation with related organizations

(1)In order to utilize more the human resources produced by variety of educational institutions, we will enhance and strengthen our efforts on the policy and campaign fronts based on the knowledge of related organizations (including RENGO Soken, JILAF, ILEC, the Japan Labour Culture Foundation, the National Council of Workers’ Welfare, Labour Relations Commissions, and the Japanese Confederation of Retired Persons).

3.Advancement of wide-ranging labour-related education both within and without the organization

(1)In order to promote understanding of work-related rules in the society, we will continue to cooperate in the implementation of “work rule certification exams”. In fall 2020, we will collaborate in the simultaneous holding of the exams in all 47 prefectures of Japan.

(2)We will also cooperate with the ILEC and regional federations in initiatives for the education of members of the younger generation who will lead us into the future, including the endowment of courses at RENGO University and the provision of visiting lectures at universities and senior high schools.

4.Enhancement of collection of archives

(1)In addition to enhancing the archive collection function of RENGO’s Reference Room, we will strengthen collaboration with other labour archive centres.

5.Overseas dispatch to foster international human resources

(1)In order to foster international human resources, in addition to continuing to dispatch human resources to Japanese diplomatic missions overseas and the ITUC-AP, we will also consider dispatch to the ITUC and OECD-TUAC.