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Strengthening of foundations that support areas of action policies:

Towards the promotion of sustainable RENGO movements, we will continue to undertake solutions to issues of the development and strengthening of the foundations for movements, including organisation and finances, and will enhance communication within organizations.

1. Initiatives for the establishment of sustainable finances

(1)To enable a transition to a new RENGO membership fee structure with the consent of all constituent organizations and regional RENGO organizations, we will engage in careful consensus building and, through the organizational discussion period and introduction preparatory period, will engage in dialogues, collaboration, and cooperation to resolve remaining issues.

(2) We will strive for efficient and effective financial management and, to prevent the recurrence of accounting improprieties, will continuously undertake improvement of transparency and strengthening of the accounting management systems (internal control) of RENGO headquarters, regional RENGO organizations, and regional councils.

(3)We will continue policy funding activity initiatives for the time being, and will discuss year-by-year handling primarily through the Planning Committee.

(4)We will perform alignment and integrated releases of accounting periods and account items for the finances of RENGO headquarters, RENGO locals, and regional councils. We will also move ahead with examination of the future of grants to RENGO locals.

2.Revitalization of local/regional RENGO movements and strengthening of collaboration with affiliates

(1) In regional council activities, we will make the reorganized “two core activities to tackle in unison nationwide” ((1) Activities to strengthen collaboration within RENGO organizations, and (2) Activities to support all colleagues working in local regions) and the “activities leveraging regional characteristics” coordinated initiatives at the national level.

(2)Based on the “Management Guidelines for Local Block Liaison Committees,” we will encourage active participation in RENGO movements in local and regional areas, while engaging in collaboration on organizational expansion, promotion of gender equality, exchanges among young leaders, etc.

(3)We will continue collaboration by four related organizations (Labour Banks, Kokumin Kyosai co-op (Zenrosai), Chuo-Rofukukyo, and RENGO). To promote “community-based, face-to-face movements,” we will organize issues concerning the functions borne by the Life Support Center and will consider its future.

3. Strengthening of the organizational capabilities of RENGO as a whole and enhancement of communication

(1)With consideration of the advancement of DX and changes in the environment including the COVID-19 pandemic, together with related parties we will study future roles and styles of activity of trade unions and ideal ways of encouraging participation in movements, and will communicate the results as appropriate.

(2)RENGO headquarters will enhance its everyday communications with affiliates and RENGO locals through contact desks. When engaging in organizational dialogue activities with affiliates and RENGO locals, we will utilize web-based conference systems and other means to diversify opportunities for holdings dialogues and means of participation.

(3)Regarding industry-specific and departmental liaison meetings, we will postpone consolidation of these for the time being. While respecting existing frameworks and past initiatives, we will review the management structure as a venue for enhancing and deepening initiatives related to industries and industry categories.

(4)Primarily through the Planning Committee, we will examine the effective use of movement resources, the effective execution of activities, and other matters.

(5)RENGO headquarters will devise means for strengthening and centrally managing the coordination functions of bureaus, means for holding meetings, etc., and will connect these efforts to a reduction in the workload of affiliates and RENGO locals.