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Action Policies 2022-2023

Progress of the Reform Packages

Our 17th term marks an interim period in the 3-term, 6-year period set for execution and verification of the Reform Packages. It is time now to focus more than ever on verification in the final fiscal year (FY2024–FY2025) and examination of the content of the RENGO Vision. Based on the progress of our initiatives so far, we will reflect ongoing issues in our current Movement Policy and will strengthen efforts to rebuild RENGO movements set forth in the RENGO Vision: “Protect every working colleague,” “Connect working colleagues and local communities,” and “Create new vitality in society and the economy.” The 17th term is an important period for taking on the challenge of building a new style of movements, and the practice of the Reform Packages, as the two bases for our movements. The result will be a convergence of the power of our working colleagues on movements that enhance the sum total.