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RENGO Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards, the RENGO think-tank, started in December 1987 as the first full-scale research body for the trade union movement.
The Japan International Labour Foundation was established by RENGO in May 1989 as an organization to promote international exchange and cooperation in the field of labour.
The Institute of Labor Education and Culture is an incorporated association established by RENGO in December 1995 to support workers in their life-long educational cultural activities and contribute to the development of an autonomous and democratic trade union movement.
Japan Labour Culture Foundation
The foundation aims to support and improve workers' welfare activities, to promote activities related to the development of labour culture inside and outside Japan, to support employment and work, and activities related to non-profit social services, so as to contribute to achieving “a secure society based on work,”.
Japanese Confederation of Retired Persons(JCRP), founded in 1991, is tackling various activities for reforming social systems and building a welfare society together with RENGO so that the retired and pensioners can lead bright, delightful and meaningful lives.
The Central Council of Worker Welfare Associations is a liaison council composed of worker welfare organizations which is run independently in cooperation with trade union organizations and working people. Its aim is to comprehensively promote worker welfare activities.
The Labour Banks
Labour Banks, started in 1950, are financial cooperatives that cultivate the dreams and ideals of our workers. They consider their objectives to be twofold: to promote economic welfare and the environmental and cultural activities of their members, and create, by working together, a society in which all people can live in happiness.
The National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives provides, based on the cooperative principle, insurance and mutual help for its members. ZENROSAI has been working hand in hand with trade unions for the workers welfare movement, with its service extending to all the workers in the community.