RENGO called for implementation of RENGO’s key policies of 2010 on Cabinet Office.

14 July 2009
On July 14, RENGO requested Obuchi, Minister of State for Special Mission (social affairs and gender equality) to implement “RENGO’s key policies of 2010”
Koga, General Secretary of RENGO handed the request to Obuchi Minister. He said “Rengo summarized the key policies of 2010 based on 8 columns. Today I call for commitment to implementation of work and life balance. We would appreciate your understanding”

Yoko Yamaguchi, Assistant Secretary General of RENGO explained the concrete requests, including “enhancement of promotion system of work and life balance ,” “ readjustment to support fostering next generation through establishment of Child –Care Fund,” “maintenance of social infrastructure including child raising support and nursing service corresponding to various working styles” “securing effectiveness to implement Gender Equality society at the next review of basic plan for Gender Equality “

The Minister, Obuchi stated, “we would like to make efforts to establish “work and life balance” in Japan. As for the measures for child raising support, we will make every effort to give supports to the persons in need while securing the resources. 10 years has passed since Basic Act for Gender-Equal Society was established and Gender Equality faces a new phase. Looking at next decade, we would like to buckle down to it.”