2010 New Year Reception Held

08 January 2010
On January 5th, RENGO held its 2010 New Year reception party at a hotel in Tokyo. Over 1,300 people gathered at the venue from the labor, political and business circles as well as foreign embassies, including Prime Minister Hatoyama, Deputy Prime Minister Kan, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Nagatsuma, Minister of Justice Chiba, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Sceience and Technology Kawabata, Minister of Defense Kitazawa, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirano, Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission Nakai, Minister of State for Government Revitalization Sengoku, Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) Vice Chairman Ohashi, and several Ambassadors in Japan.

President Koga gave an opening speech. "A change of political power last year in Japan brought about the dawn of new politics as well as creating a new society,” Koga said. “RENGO is in charge of building a workers-oriented society. In cooperation with affiliates and local RENGOs, RENGO makes efforts to realize it.”

Prime Minister Hatoyama expressed his gratitude for the RENGO's efforts across the country to change the government during the General Election 2009. Moreover, “Our government has just formulated the budget plan for fiscal 2010 shifting from public works projects to human resources. This is where the real fight begins. I believe our goal will surely be accomplished when the wisdom of people who are now here gathers together,” Hatoyama said.

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Nagatsuma delivered a message: “The government is building a second safety net including supports for job seekers, to improve the worsening employment situations due to excessive deregulation. Under the belief that the social security is not a cost but an investment for the future, we would like to make Japan a better country”.

Vice Chairman Ohashi, as a guest from Nippon Keidanren, stressed the importance of a further relationship and close cooperation between labor and management, in order to improve the Japanese economy and society.

Following making a toast, all 10 RENGO-endorsed candidates in the Upper House election scheduled for coming July were introduced in front of the attendees.

In closing, General Secretary Nagumo pledged to fulfill three priority issues of this year: (1) Expanding trade union members up to 7 million, (2) Improving working conditions for all working people through the Spring Struggle for a Better Life, and (3) Getting elected all the endorsed candidates and recommended candidates by RENGO in the upcoming Upper House election.