FY2004 Philanthropic Fundraising Activity Development

01 November 2004
On August 20 at the 11th Central Executive Committee Meeting, RENGO endorsed "Allocation Guidelines of RENGO Philanthropic Funds gathered in FY 2003" and at its 12th Meeting on September 16th, respectively endorsed the "FY2004 RENGO Philanthropic Fundraising Campaign Activity Development."

RENGO has been conducting philanthropic fundraising campaigns since its inauguration in 1989 and, seen from a humanitarian point of view, have the goal of being activities that contribute to society and ones which RENGO union members can participate broadly while working to "achieve a free, equal, fair, and peaceful world." RENGO has set aside a three month priority activities period between October and December of this fiscal year and will accept applications for support from March 1st through March 31st 2005.

In FY2003, RENGO received ¥128,604,594 raised by 48 affiliated organizations and 23 RENGO locals and has decided to distribute it among 108 organizations including NPOs and NGOs working both inside and outside of the nation, as well as NPOs and NGOs working locally.