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RENGO’s Views on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

20th January 2005

Debates on CSR are gaining impetus internationally, and there is growing interest in Japan as well.
Up until now, in the face of frequent incidents of corporate malfeasance and accidents, discussions on CSR in Japan have focused on the issue of corporate governance, placing importance on the relations between businesses and their stakeholders, or on compliance management, meaning compliance with relevant laws and regulations. However, more recently, they have come to encompass debates over corporate responsibility in relation to new developments in international criteria and standards, local communities and society, and cultures and the environment, going beyond the original framework of CSR.

Trade unions also need to have an accurate grasp of these developments in the discussions on CSR, address these developments actively, and at the same time fulfill their own social responsibility, going beyond the frameworks of individual corporations.

The following document presents RENGO’s basic views on CSR. Affiliates at various levels and Local RENGOs are expected to discuss specific activities on CSR based on these views. In the future, RENGO will continue to present specific policies on CSR from time to time, when necessary.