The 81st May Day in Tokyo

24 May 2010
Rengo held the 81st Central May Day at Yoyogi Park on April 29 with gathering over 33,000 union members and their families.
This May Day was the first time held after the political power change.
President Koga gave an address to make efforts to achieve a fair and safety society, decent work and others.
A few government guest including, Hatoyama Prime Minister also gave an address to moved the hands of a clock.
Finally , the May Day Declaration was adopted by all participants.

May Day Declaration

Today, we have the 81st Central May Day Rally.
The conditions surrounding workers still remain tough. The Japanese economies sank into a double dip recession. Many Japanese people have felt anxieties about their living and future.

What we are calling for is the construction of the society in which the just and fair rights for all the people are protected. The regime change was realized.Now is the time to secure the change of the social value, extend the social safety-net for employment, living, health, security and safety of all working people. And the policy to create the society with hope and security for everyone has to be realized.
We need to ensure the victory of recommended candidates in the next House of Council election to establish the accomplishment of regime change.

This year is important in the peace activities. The Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) will be held in New York this May We will submit 10million signatures appealing for the elimination of nuclear weapons and implement peace rallies such as " New York Action in 2010" to achieve the goal of effective agreement at the NPT review conference.
This year, the 50th anniversary of the Revision of US-Japan Security Treaty, we make every effort to make Japan Status of Armed Forces Agreement amend drastically and the US base rearrange and reduce, which is longstanding issues.
We will enforce the further actions and appeal to achieve the lasting peace in the world and the nuclear disarmament.

May Day is the day for international solidarity. We, in corporation with ITUC, will fight to end the poverty, hunger, environmental destruction, violation of human rights, conflict and terrorism, and to realize the decent work.
Now we pledge to engage in “peace, human rights, jobs, environment, coexistence, with the solidarity of all working people and cooperation of NPO and NGO, and to realize free and peaceful world and labor based welfare society.

Let's protect the workers' living and realize the policies to secure and create employment, to halt the freefalling economy. Hurrah for the 81st May Day!