RENGO Statements and Views

Statement to strongly protest on abrogation of the INF Treaty

08 February 2019
Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO)
Yasunobu AIHARA, General Secretary
  1. Protesting on abrogation of the INF Treaty
    United States announced abrogation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force (INF) Treaty with Russian Federation in 1st February. On the other hand, Russia declared that application of obligation of the Treaty was suspended in 2nd and would take countermeasure such as promoting development of intermediate-range missile. Abrogation of this treaty means that realization of abolition of nuclear weapons and permanent peace of the world which JTUC-RENGO has pursued fade out and JTUC-RENGO strongly protests that.
  2. Discussing based on historical significance and necessity of compliance
    INF Treaty is the first treaty incorporated total abolition of particular weapon and although bilateral treaty between U.S. and Russia, it has contributed for end of the Cold War and supported world peace. JTUC-RENGO seriously is worried about lapse of the treaty and these two countries ‘attitude may bring military expansion in the world. President Trump shows an interest to conclude “new treaty” substitutes for this treaty but it’s uncertain that that treaty includes effectiveness for reduction in nuclear armaments. JTUC-RENGO thinks both U.S. and Russian should start discussing as soon as possible based on historical significance of this treaty and necessity of compliance.
  3. Japanese govt. should request diplomatic effort and carry out responsibility as only one victim country of nuclear bombing
    Nuclear weapon is inhuman “absolute evil” weapon causes devastating damages. As only one victim country of nuclear bombing, Japanese government should tell both U.S. and Russia how significant the role this treaty has achieved so far, encourage dialogue to promote reduction in armament and nonproliferation and play a role in order to attain “Abolition of nuclear weapon”, the common goal of all humankind.
  4. JTUC-RENGO will attain role for future generation to abolish nuclear weapons
    JTUC-RENGO has had activities to awake public opinion in and out of Japan. We have had actions of request for embassies in Japan of countries having nuclear weapons with Gensuikin and Kakkin every year since 2012. In addition to that, we will spread out “10 million signature campaign” for review conference of Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in 2020. JTUC-RENGO will build up closer ties with NGO and NPO including peace actions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, achieve social responsibility and reinforce activities furthermore to realize permanent peace of the world.