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Action Policies 2020-2021

We will change the Future -Towards a Secure Society

Priority Area: 1

Pursuit of collective industrial relations in order to protect and connect all of our working people and advancement of a movement with a broad base in society
  1. Promoting initiatives for the legal protection of diverse workers and other initiatives for the strengthening of work rules to protect workers
  2. Advancement of new initiatives to connect and support working people and creation of a system of human resources to support organization
  3. System enhancement and strategy creation towards “10 Million-strong RENGO NEXT (Tentative Title)”
  4. Promotion of a broad-based movement through social dialogue at the central and regional levels

Priority Area: 2

Advancement of a movement that protects and creates a secure society and decent work
  1. Efforts in pursuit of integrated reforms of social security, education and taxation, looking towards 2035
  2. Promotion of efforts to realize integrated solutions to economic, social and environmental issues, towards the realization of a sustainable and inclusive society
  3. Promotion of employment and labour policies towards the realization of decent work for all working people
  4. Improvement of wages and working conditions and strengthening the foundations of SMEs to support regional communities

Priority Area: 3

Realization of workplaces and a society in which “True Diversity” that respects every individual and realizes deeply rooted equality between sexes
  1. Realization of workplaces and a broader society in which workers can work with satisfaction irrespective of gender, age, nationality, disability, type of employment, etc.
  2. Efforts towards the realization of gender equality, equal treatment, and work-life balance
  3. Efforts to promote “Fair Work,” including improvement to respond to consultations from diverse groups

Areas for Advancement 1

Efforts in the areas of peace, human rights, and contribution to society via social solidarity and succession to the next generation
  1. Advancement of a movement whose members mutually support and assist each other
  2. Promotion of peace activities
  3. Strengthening of human rights- and solidarity-related activities
  4. Strengthening of efforts in response to natural disasters and formulation of cooperative business continuity plan (BCP)

Areas for Advancement 2

Promotion of political activities towards the realization of a sound parliamentary democracy and the realization of policy
  1. Fundamentals of political activities
  2. Promotion of political activities
  3. Efforts to achieve political reforms towards the realization of a sound parliamentary democracy
  4. Revitalization of local politics

Areas for Advancement 3

Advancement of the international labour movement towards the realization of decent work
  1. Strengthening of cooperation with international organizations
  2. Efforts to prevent labour-management conflict and promotion of solutions
  3. Human rights, trade union rights and democracy: Advocacy and establishment

Areas for Advancement 4

Promotion of fostering of human resources and education of workers towards the realization of a synergistic effect between RENGO and related organizations
  1. Fostering of human resources to enable the generation of a synergistic effect between RENGO and related organizations
  2. Utilization of human resources and knowledge in cooperation with related organizations
  3. Advancement of wide-ranging labour-related education both within and without the organization
  4. Enhancement of collection of archives
  5. Overseas dispatch to foster international human resources