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Message from the President

Towards a society in which all people can work and live safely without anxiety

Nobuaki KOGA President

Rikio KOZU

RENGO marked its 30th anniversary from founding. Since its establishment in 1989, we have been striving to organize, maintain and improve employment and working condition, make policy proposals for secure and safe living in such as medical, pension, education and environment field, and support for recovery from earthquake disaster.

In today's world, in which challenges in workplace are diversified, we need to work to realize "True Diversity" and "Fair Work" based on the principle of "inclusiveness" in which no one left behind. While being aware in these issues, we have developed "RENGO Vision - A Secure Society based on Work -Protecting, Connecting, and Creating" based on our resolution " We will change the Future" at the milestone of 30th anniversary. It represents and propose a vision of the society that we should aim towards from the perspective of the worker and the ordinary citizen. Seeking its realization, we must strengthen our movement, as well as enhance our policy front, which will cause social change and be accepted by not only our members but the people. We RENGO protect dignity and lives of all working people, connect all workers with trade unions, and create broad and expansive campaigns and activities based on social dialogue and cooperation with multi-stakeholders in order to create social and economic vigor. I am looking forward to work together with you to create better workplace and society.