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Message from the President

Towards a society in which all people can work and live safely without anxiety



Many of our working colleagues and their families have been seriously affected by the coronavirus crisis, and the more vulnerable they are, the more difficult a position this has placed them in, and there are lots of other issues regarding the sustainability of the social economy, including poverty and economic disparities; the accelerating decline in population, super-low birthrate and high aging; and a fragile social safety net. In addition, major waves of social change are towards us, such as “carbon neutrality” and “digital transformation.”

While converting the distribution structure to reduce disparities, we must overcome all of the issues surrounding us, promote the SDGs and achieve inclusive socio-economic development. It is thus important to promote cooperation with diverse stakeholders, such as by teaming up with international labour movements—a role that the RENGO Movement should be playing. The basis of all our activities is the expansion and strengthening of our organization. Activities to extend the value of collective industrial relations throughout society and, at the same time, establishing a new style of movement based on the coronavirus crisis and strengthening our ability to form relationships with people that the trade unions and the RENGO Movement have not a chance thus far to have contact with are among the challenges we must undertake in taking the initiative and transforming our movement. Then, we need to join with all working colleagues, convey RENGO’s policies and movements to society and create empathy and a virtuous cycle of participation and action. We must resolutely take on the challenges towards protecting each and every person, linking with local communities, upholding human rights and building a secure society with abundant diversity and gender equality.

Towards a “Secure Society Based on Work,” let us open the way to a new RENGO Movement “Always at your side” with all working colleagues.