20th Central Executive Committee Meeting Held

17 March 2005
On March 10, RENGO held its 20th Central Executive Committee Meeting at the SOHYO Kaikan Hall in Tokyo. The agenda discussed were as follows.

20th Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Date & Time: Thursday, March 10, 13:30-16:00
Place: 2nd floor, SOHYO Kaikan Hall

1.Join as a contributing member of the Supporting Committee for the Victims' Families, Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to N. Korea
2.Activities after April to realize RENGO Policy and Institutional Demands (oral)
3.FY 2006-07 Policy and Institutional Demands (preliminary draft)
4.History of and Responses to the ISO's (International Organization for Standardization) developing of an international standard for social responsibility
5.Establishment of a committee on public service work related problems
6.Response policy for the next national election
7.FY2005 semiannual financial statement
8.Changes and recommendations for governmental council members, etc.
Conducting 2005 "Safe and Reliable Medical and Nursing Care" Central Rally
Holding the "15th Policy and Institutional Demands Central Discussion Rally"
Conducting the "Researching measures against global warming in Europe"
Holding the "Bi-lateral seminar on labor-management relationships at Japanese-affiliated transnational corporations"
Schedule for March through April, 2005

The 3rd Central Struggle Committee
1.2005 Spring Struggle
Developments of demands, registration status by small and medium-sized trade unions, etc.
Adopting an appeal