2005 Spring Struggle: Intensive Reply Period Press Conferences

Praise for Results Surpassing Last Year's Achievements

24 March 2005
Photo: President Sasamori praises efforts. (March 23, RENGO Headquarters) Photo: President Sasamori praises efforts. (March 23, RENGO Headquarters)
On March 16th , RENGO held a press conference at a time during the 2005 Spring Struggle when the results of negotiations for issues such as monthly wage and bonuses are being continuously obtained from management mainly in the metal, manufacturing, distribution and food industries, which includes the IMF-JC (Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions), UI ZENSEN (the Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions), and FOOD-RENGO (Federation of All Japan Foods and Tobacco Workers' Unions). In addition to securing their wage curves, RENGO was informed that those unions won wage raises although they are not officially called pay scale increases. RENGO President Sasamori praised these efforts by the unions saying that "Under RENGO’s Principle, every affiliated organization is making a splendidly good showing. In our final outlook, they have succeeded in getting results that will lead to greater achievements than those of last year." As the Intensive Replay Period for small and medium trade unions is fast approaching on March 22nd, Sasamori encouraged union members in their efforts beginning next week by saying "thanks to today's results, the way is prepared for small and medium unions to tackle reducing disparities themselves."

Attendees at the March 23rd press conference included RENGO President Sasamori and General Secretary Kusano, UI ZENSEN Acting Representative Ochiai and JAM (Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery, and Manufacturing Workers' Union) Representative Koide; the latter two affiliates have many small and medium unions organized under their influence. After the 16th, further results were gained: as a whole, monthly wages are exceeding the last year's results and small and medium unions are still making great efforts. President Sasamori praised these efforts saying "I am very impressed by the fact that they surpassed last year's achievement. That will positively influence other unions that will face negotiations from here on out. I have great expectations for their future efforts."

On March 30th, RENGO will hold the Small and Medium Unions Joint Struggle Status Report Exchange Meeting where attendees will report on the status of their activities.