2005 Spring Struggle Urgent Principle (4th) Endorsed

Results Develop on Wheels

28 April 2005
On April 14th, RENGO endorsed its 4th urgent principle for the 2005 Spring Struggle at the 5th Central Struggle Committee.

There were reports that this year’s results have surpassed those of last year and the present Spring Struggle situation so far has been smooth, especially progressive were efforts to correct differentials through improving the bottom level of standards focusing on small and medium-sized trade unions, said RENGO President Sasamori. Sasamori also said that he saw progress in such labor contract issues as fostering future generation, time management, the employment of workers over sixty years of age, and so on.

Further, one of the agenda items endorsed at the 16th Small and Medium-sized Unions Labor Committee (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Joint Struggle Center) had to do with efforts to increase wages, which has succeeded in maintaining a situation where this year's results exceeded the achievements of last year. Sasamori lavished praise for this position saying that we can understand that it suggests that "the settlement standard we indicated on March 30th is functioning."

Meanwhile on April 20th, RENGO set a "minimum settlement standard" to secure more than ¥3500 in increased monthly wages for unions to use in their negotiations from now on.