21st Central Executive Committee Held

28 April 2005
On April 14th, RENGO held its 21st Central Executive Committee meeting at the Ikenohata Bunka Center Hall in Tokyo. The agenda items discussed at the meeting were as follows.

21st Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Date & Time: Thursday, April 14, 13:30-16:00
Place: Ikenohata Bunka Center Hall

1.Withdrawal from RENGO of the TOKEI ROSO (Statistics Labor Union-management and Coordination Agency)
2.Registered membership of RENGO for 2005 (draft)
3.Support for labor-management disputes at local unions (draft)
4.Support for the Tokyu Kanko (Tokyu Tourist Corporation) Trade Union
5.Distribution of relief money for the great Sumatra earthquake/ tsunami disaster
6.Activities to realize RENGO policies demands
7.RENGO's stance on the main points of the Postal Services Privatization Bills (draft)
8.Activities on RENGO Eco-Life 21/ Action Month against Global Warming Action (June to September) (draft)
9.Activities for Gender Equality Month: June 2005 (draft)
10.Occupational safety and health activity plan for the FY 2005 (draft)
11.RENGO Political Center related matters
12.Relations and other concerns among RENGO Headquarters, local RENGOs, and affiliated organizations on the matter of the protection of personal information
13.Recommendation on government councils’members
14.FY 2006 meetings plan (first draft)
The 76th May Day Central Rally
Action for Nuclear Weapons Abolition in New York
2005 Visit to Northern Territories (four islands) without visas: the 2nd RENGO Ship
RENGO/ RENGO-RIALS Symposium: "Decline or Recovery: The Path to Revitalization of Trade Unions" (draft)
Activities to support the ICFTU "Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP)" and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) (draft)
10th Thai Disabled Support Project (draft)
NGO-Trade Unions International Collaboration Forum: "International Cooperation Research Tour" (draft)
”June 12 World Day Against Child Labour"
2nd Essay Contest: Suggestions for a RENGO Movement
Summer Top Seminar (draft)
Schedule for March through April, 2005

5th Central Struggle Committee
1.2005 Spring Struggle Urgent Principle (4th) (draft)
Developments of demands, registration status by small and medium-sized trade unions, etc.
Adopting an appeal