22nd Central Executive Committee Meeting Held

24 May 2005
22nd Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Date & Time: Thursday, May 19, 13:30-16:00
Place: Ikenohata Bunka Center Hall

1.Revision of bylaws for the election of officials (draft)
2.Revision of executive allowances (draft)
3.Membership dues for part-time workers, etc (draft)
4.Concrete implementation plan for the reform of local RENGOs/local councils (interim report)
5.Third summary report on the "2003-2005 Organization Expansion" (draft)
6."FY 2006-2007 Demands and Proposals for Policies and Systems" (draft) and the "RENGO Priority Policies for FY 2006" (draft): Report on the 15th "Policies and Systems Central Rally"
7.RENGO's stance on the "Independence Promotion Law for People with Disabilities" (draft)
8.Reinforcement of minimum wage activity principles (draft)
9.RENGO Political Center-related matters: Recommendation of candidates for various elections (draft)
10.Response to the handling of the "written agreement" for workers arising from the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Act
11.RENGO "Privacy Policy" (draft)
12.Change and recommendation of members for government councils, etc.
13.FY 2006 Organizational meetings schedule (draft)
The "Workshop for Organization Expansion/Organizer Training" (draft)
The "Now is the time for the Equal Treatment of Part-time Workers!" Forum (draft)
The 45th Central Committee Meeting agenda (draft)
Schedule for May to June, 2005

6th Central Struggle Committee
1.Interim report on the 2005 Spring Struggle (draft)