First "RENGO Tax Reform Advisory Meeting" Held

16 September 2005
RENGO held its first "RENGO Tax Reform Advisory Meeting" on August 24th. The meeting was comprised of six members who included University of Tokyo Faculty of Economics Professor Naohiko Jinno, the chair of the meeting, Economic Analyst Takuro Morinaga, Rikkyo University College of Economics Professor Takehiko Ikegami, Hosei University Faculty of Social Sciences Professor Hiroshi Sekiguchi, Rikkyo University College of Economics full-time lecturer Satoshi Sekiguchi, and RENGO General Secretary Kusano.

RENGO President Sasamori gave a speech at the beginning of the meeting in which he said, "In spite of their significance, the councils in which the nation's tax system and finances are discussed, such as the Ministry of Finance Tax Commission and the Financial System Council, have only one representative member from labor each, which makes it all the harder for us to pass our appeals. We will make the most out of the results of this Advisory Meeting in order to reflect the voices of the workers." It is planned that Advisory Meetings will be held with a frequency of approximately once a month.