Frank Opinions Exchanged with the Government on Basic Labour Rights, Public Service System Reform, and Other Issues

18 January 2006
On January 16, in Tokyo, a labour-government consultation was held to discuss public service system reform. Participants from the government were Mr. Koki Chuma, Minister of Regulatory Reform, Dr. Heizo Takenaka, Minister of Internal Affairs, and Mr. Jiro Kawasaki, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, and from JTUC-RENGO, the participants were Mr. Nobuaki Koga, the General Secretary, Mr. Kenji Okabe, the Chair of RENGO-PSLC (Public Service Liaison Council), and Mr. Kenzo Maruyama, the Chair of the Public Service Reform Working Party, RENGO-PSLC.
As a result of the frank discussions, it was confirmed that the government would make a broad examination of its “policy on reform of the public service system”, including the possibility of bestowing basic labour rights to public service workers. Also, it was agreed that adequate consultations would be held between the government and RENGO-PSLC on cuts in the total outlays for personnel costs for public service personnel.