Rapid plunge of birth rates and the unification of pension plans discussed

09 February 2006
The former RENGO President Mr. Sasamori, a member of the Conference, emphasized as part of the means to stop declining birth rates the application of health insurance to maternity expenses or the increase in lump-sum maternity allowance to financial assist the parent(s). He also argued that the increase in atypical employment contributed to declining birth rates and thus the employment situation should be improved. As regards the unification of the Pension Fund Association and Mutual Aid Associations, he commented: “A concrete step should be taken. The job-specified addition (the 3rd story) of the Mutual Aid pension should be reconsidered in connection with fundamental labour rights for public employees and the public employees system. The financing of pensions for those who retired before the establishment of the mutual aid associations the former is a responsibility of the State and thus should not be transferred to the Pension Fund Association. The Conference on the Unification of the Public Pension Plans should be resumed."