5th Central Executive Committee Meeting held:

2006 Spring Struggle Urgent Policy 3 Endorsed

20 February 2006

On February 16th, RENGO held its 5th Central Executive Committee Meeting/ 3rd Central Struggle Meeting at the Ikenohata Bunka Center in Tokyo. RENGO President Takagi spoke about the 2006 Spring Struggle, which after the union members submitted their proposal has now entered the negotiation process. "Expectations from union members are high. People in non-unionized organizations send their support and part-time workers have also placed their hopes on improving working conditions. Let us devote ourselves to negotiations at the risk of the very existence of our trade unions." The matters that were discussed are as follows.

Agenda Items

  1. Activities on the 2006 National Movement
  2. Partial reinforcement of the “2006 Spring Activities for Achieving Policies and Systems" (proposal)
  3. "FY2006 Bill on Reform of the Medical System" Policies Part 2 (proposal)
  4. Basic Stance on the unification of the employees' pension systems (proposal)
  5. RENGO's activities to ensure security for locality/school routes (proposal)
  6. FY2006 “Minimum Wage" related matters:
    • Activity Policy (proposal)
    • Demand statement to the administration on minimum wages
  7. Contributions from the International Solidarity Fund II (proposal)
  8. Changes/Recommendations of council members, etc.
  9. Others
    • Research on the current status of promoting the unionization of part-time workers and others (proposal)
    • Hosting the Disparity Correction Forum
    • FY2006 JIRRA's Basic Training (request)
    • Hosting the RENGO's National meeting of employment/labor officers
    • Participating in the "Balancing Work and Life for Both Men and Women!" forum
    • Schedule for February to March 2006

<3rd Central Struggle Committee >

  1. 2006 Spring Struggle: Urgent Policy (3rd) (proposal)
  2. 2006 Spring Struggle: Conducting the 3.3 Central Pep. Rally to Realize RENGO's Demands (proposal)
  3. 2006 Spring Struggle: Conducting the 2.17 Part-time Workers Rally
  4. Others