Part-Time Workers Rally Held on Feb.17

21 February 2006
On February 17th, the "2.17 Part-Time Workers Rally" was held at the Chiyoda Public Hall, with 565 people in attendance.
    Working for the realization of equal treatment for part-time workers has been raised as one of pillars of the 2006 Spring Struggle. At the rally, RENGO General Secretary Koga told the audience that "it is crucial to work on social movements that take seriously the solidarity, happiness, and allocation (of results) for every working person. Let us commit ourselves to our negotiations while at the same time keeping in mind the significance of it from own respective positions."
    Representing the political parties were (Democratic Party of Japan) House of Representatives member Chinami Nishimura and (Social Democratic Party Leader) House of Councilors member Mizuho Fukushima who both pointed out problems in the proposed Equal Employment Opportunity Law amendment. They stated decisively that they will seek to have the philosophy of Work Life Balance specified in the bill as well as a revision of the clause regarding a ban on indirect discrimination.
    At the opinion exchange with the attendees, a succession of comments were raised from the floor including; a strong appeal regarding the real conditions of the discriminatory treatment of part-time and other workers, as well as calls for immediate reform.