2006 Spring Struggle Holds the "Disparity Correction Forum"

27 February 2006
    On February 24th, RENGO held the "Disparity Correction Forum" with 190 people from affiliates, RENGO Locals and other organizations in attendance.
    At the Forum, UNYU ROREN (All Japan Federation of Transport Workers' Unions) presented a case study on "The problems and improvements to the trucking industry"; the RENGO Liaison Council on food related businesses presented a case study on "Activities to improve trade practices"; and RENGO Local of Kumamoto Prefecture presented a study on "Activities against false work contracts."
    Attendees learned of such practices as "1-yen bidding," the illegal providing of services, and the pervasive problem of false contract work in local governments ? all which can affect personnel cost and labor conditions.
    At the rally, a general consensus was reached recognizing that it is crucial to have cooperation between RENGO Headquarters and affiliated organizations, discussion between labor and management in industries, union organization to improve trade practices and correct disparities, as well as a recommitment to work towards problem solving.