RENGO encouraged DPJ Diet Members to block the abolition of fixed-rate tax cuts

01 March 2006
28 February at the peak of the deliberation of the House of Representatives on the fiscal 2006 budget and tax reforms, RENGO organized a meeting with Diet members of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) in the Diet Members' Office Building. In the meeting, around 50 RENGO’s members from its affiliated industrial federations, as well as from RENGO’s Tokai region Council, encouraged and requested DPJ members of both Houses of Representatives and Councilors to make further efforts to reflect RENGO’s demands into the Diet deliberations, particularly in order to block the abolition of fixed-rate tax cuts. Assistant General Secretary Mr. Ohmi of RENGO introduced RENGO’s recent activities on the issue and asked for the DPJ to work ever harder within the Diet. The DPJ replied by stating their resolution.