Asbestos-related Health Hazards Victims Relief Law Enacted

22 March 2006
   A new relief law for victims with health hazards due to asbestos exposure was enacted and applications began to be accepted on March 20th.
   The new law covers: families of former workers where workmen's accident compensation claims have exceeded the statute of limitations (five-years from the time of death); family members diagnosed as having been infected by asbestos-contaminated clothing worn by former workers; residents and former residents who lived adjacent to asbestos-related plants. 
   Those family members eligible to receive benefits include surviving spouses, children, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, and siblings.
   RENGO will press the government to ensure that filing procedures and the eligibility process function smoothly and that relief for the victims and bereaved families will be provided as soon as possible and continue for the long term.

For further information:

  1. For former workers and their bereaved families, please contact your local Prefectural Labor Bureau or Labor Standards Supervision Office.
  2. For residents and former residents of areas adjacent to asbestos-affected plants, please contact the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency.