SMEs and Part-time Workers Committees jointly held a meeting

03 April 2006
President Takagi encouraging further struggles President Takagi encouraging further struggles
On 31 March, the eve of the revision of working conditions, the Joint Struggle Committees for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and for Part-time Workers jointly held a meeting to update and report on their efforts of the 2006 Spring Struggle. The meeting was attended by about 300 participants from RENGO’s affiliates and local RENGOs. RENGO President Mr. Takagi praised answers that had been coaxed from employers and cheered on upcoming negotiations: “Many of unions have succeeded in securing ‘fresh water’ or resources to virtually improve wages. Both Joint Struggle Committees have made all possible efforts and obtained excellent results. They have even created a stir in the society with widening gaps.”

Affiliates and local RENGOs reported on their recent struggles. Part-time Worker Committee Chair Mr. Sakurada announced their resolution: “Our efforts have been well more advanced than in the year before. The tide is running in our favour. We are going further”

“We have made good results. In and after April, we all will continue working to improve wages unitedly,” said SME Committee Chair Mr. Koide.

RENGO will continue working on SMEs and part-time workers unitedly, particularly for unions that are and will be in negotiation in and after April.