7th Central Executive Committee Meeting /5th Central Struggle Committee Meeting

14 April 2006
DPJ Acting President Naoto Kan greets at RENGO Central Executive Board Meeting DPJ Acting President Naoto Kan greets at RENGO Central Executive Board Meeting
On April 13th, RENGO held its 7th Central Executive Committee Meeting/5th Central Struggle Committee Meeting. RENGO President Takagi began his remarks by reporting that RENGO received a visit from newly elected Democratic Party of Japan President Ichiro Ozawa on April 8th. In addition, Acting President Naoto Kan also paid a visit and said that "we apologize (for having disappointed) union members who have supported us and ask for your continued support as we try to bring about a change of government under the leadership of President Ozawa and we will work together with RENGO in order to make Japan a place where people can feel safe."

Agenda Items for the 7th Central Executive Committee Meeting
  1. Removal of a Councilor
  2. Appointment of caretakers due to changes of officials at affiliated organizations
  3. Number of registered union members in RENGO for FY 2006 (draft)
  4. Aid and distribution for survivors of the "Pakistan Earthquake" (draft)
  5. Conducting a fact-finding survey for RENGO affiliated medical and welfare-related organizations (draft)
  6. Activities on RENGO ECO LIFE 21/ Measures against Global Warming Action Months (June to September) (draft)
  7. RENGO's stance on the "Nenkin (Pension) Services Agency bill" and related bills (draft)
  8. RENGO's response policy for the "Authorized Child Facilities Bill" (draft)
  9. Immediate development of actions for realizing RENGO demands on policies (draft)
  10. 10th Small and Medium-sized Union Labor Committee study mission to survey labor situations overseas (draft)
  11. Activities to realize Gender Equal Employment Law (draft)
  12. Activities for "labor education" at high schools, technical schools, colleges and universities
  13. RENGO's opinion on the second draft of the constitution for a new international trade union confederation (draft)
  14. Funding of OECD-TUAC projects
  15. Recommendation of candidates for various elections
  16. Changes and recommendations for government council’s members, etc.
  17. Any other business
    • 77th May Day Central Rally
    • "FY 2007 RENGO Priority Policies"
    • Holding the 2006 "Basic training for Unionization (training organizers)"
    • "4/20 Forum to Create New Public and Official Service: For a Safe and Secure Society"
    • Conducting the 77th May Day: Heart-to-Heart Talk "Let's Make a Society without Disparities!"
    • Holding an international symposium on the Burma situation
    • FY 2007 (from October 2006 to October 2007) schedule for organizational meetings (preliminary draft)
    • Schedule for April through May 2006
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2006 Spring Struggle related matters
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