RENGO held its 8th Central Executive Committee and 6th Central Struggle Committee held

19 May 2006
On 18 May, RENGO held its 8th Central Executive Committee and 6th Central Struggle Committee. President Takagi reported that he had had an interview with DPJ Leader Mr. Ozawa prior to the Committee meeting (to be reported in the June issue of RENGO Monthly Magazine which is published only in Japanese). They exchanged with each others opinions on various issues, including relations between political parties and trade unions and the local and House of Councilors elections. “Mr. Ozawa asked for as many votes as union members at least in the forthcoming election”. President Takagi asked the affiliates not to save any effort to this end. The Central Struggle Committee was resolved at the session and gave its full power to act for the Central Executive Committee.

Agenda for the 8th Central Executive Committee
  1. Supplementary election of officers
  2. Commendation
  3. 1st report on the 2005-2007 Organizing Plan
  4. 2007 RENGO policy priorities
  5. RENGO’s countermeasure to the Fundamental Law of Education
  6. Urgent actions to realize a pro-workers Contract Labour Law and a workers-oriented Working Hours Law (Part 2)
  7. RENGO’s countermeasure to the revised Occupational Safety and Health Law
  8. Actions in relation to the Month for Equality (June)
  9. Composition of the RENGO delegation to the 19th ICFTU World Congress and the founding Congress of the new international trade union organisation
  10. 15 June Tokyo Rally
  11. The 3rd RENGO Essay Contest
  12. Changes and recommendations in RENGO members of governmental Councils
  13. Calendar for RENGO’s meetings from October 2006 to October 2007
  14. Date for the 47th Central Committee
  15. Others
    • 2006 Politics Training Course “Promoting of Political Activities”
    • Research plan for 2006 – RENGO Institute for Advancement of Living Standards (RIALS)
    • Calendar for May-June
Agenda for the 6th Central Struggle Committee
  • Interim wrap-up of the 2006 Spring Struggle
  • Others