31 May RENGO Rally for “Pro-worker Labour Contract/Working Hours/Minimum Wages Laws”

02 June 2006

On 31 May, RENGO organised in Tokyo a rally for “Pro-workers Laws concerning Labour Contract, Working Hours and Minimum Wages”, which was attended by 320 members from its affiliates and local RENGOs.

RENGO President Takagi commented on the revisions of the Labour Contract Law, Working Hours Law and Minimum Wages Law: “Proposed labour-management committees does not comply with the guaranteed function of trade unions and provisions of the Trade Union Law and would be a hotbed of unfair labour practices. White-collar exemption does not agree with Japan because the way and system of work in Japan differs from the one in Europe or the States”. RENGO General Secretary Koga followed: “Although labour and management differ in opinion on the revision of the Minimum Wages Law, reforms are needed to improve local minimum wages so as to ensure the effectiveness and adequate level of local minimum wages and to further develop industrial minimum wages”.

RENGO Executive Director Suga, JAM Vice President Koyama and UI Zensen General Secretary Shimada reported developments in the subcommittee and sectional meeting they attended. They requested to raise voices in workplaces and communities against the proposed revisions that would enable employers to fire their workers if they pay and make white exemption a loophole to escape from paying premiums.

Japan Automobile Workers Union President Kato and RENGO Niigata President Ebana declared a resolution to “reject the revisions containing so many problems, including proposed labour-management committees that would question the existence of trade unions by the solidarity of all people and workers as happened in France”. All who attended the rally affirmed the resolution by giving cheers for solidarity led by President Takagi.

“Against white collar exemption!”   “Against dismissal to be settled by money!”
“Against white collar exemption!” 

“Against dismissal to be settled by money!”