RENGO’s 9th Central Executive Committee

16 June 2006

On 15 June, RENGO held its 9th Central Executive Committee in Tokyo. President Takagi briefed on developments in setting regulations of a new international trade union organization to be established in November this year as a result of the merger of the ICFTU and the WCF. He reported that he would discuss with President Putin of Russia in the G8 labour summit to be held in Moscow in conjunction with the G8 Summit in July: infectious diseases (AIDS, malaria, polio, etc.) and Japanese abductees in North Korea. He also expressed his opinion that Bank of Japan President Fukui should resign his post.

Agenda of the 9th RENGO Central Executive Committee

  1. Supplement to the outline of a RENGO’s Labour Contract bill
  2. Supplement to the outline of a RENGO’s Workers’ Representative bill
  3. RENGO’s measure to the subcommittee on working conditions which is mandated to review working hours legislation
  4. RENGO’s measure to forthcoming national and local elections
  5. RENGO-recommended candidates for the House of Councilors election
  6. Budget for fiscal 2007
  7. Amendments to regulations and rules of RENGO
  8. Changes in and recommendations for members of governmental councils
  9. Others
    • Local blocs working group meeting on labour policies and the Spring Struggle
    • Calendar for June and July 2006