Joint Struggle Committees for Part-time Workers taken over by Joint Liaison Committee

28 June 2006
On 27 June, the Joint Struggle Committee for Part-time Workers and the Joint Struggle Liaison Committee for Part-time Workers jointly held a meeting. The Joint Struggle Committee was established for the first time as part of principal measures to stop “bipolarization and widening gaps”.

The Committee has had a considerable ripple effect particularly on results of the joint struggle for better wages and working conditions. It has also played a significant role in attracting a great deal of attention within RENGO, as well as of the media. However, it has been criticized to have uneven results of the organizing effort in different industries, occupations and types of business, due to differences in working conditions and forms of employment. RENGO will work and develop its work so that it responds to expectations of all part-time workers.

- The 2006 Joint Struggle Committee is to be dissolved on 27 June 2006.
- The Joint Struggle Liaison Committee will address policies for the 2007 Spring Struggle and general activities throughout the year and reflect them in overall action policies.