Government-Labour Meeting Held

Demand on Urgent Policy Management to PM Koizumi

04 July 2006
On July 3rd, a Government-Labour Meeting was held at the Prime Minister's official residence in order to deliver RENGO's demands to Prime Minister Koizumi regarding urgent policy management and topics for the upcoming G8 Summit. RENGO President Takagi, Acting President Morikoshi, and General Secretary Koga attended the meeting along with PM Koizumi, Chief Cabinet Secretary Abe, Health, Labour and Welfare Minister Kawasaki, and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Nagase.

President Takagi demanded the following: "The first matter of business regarding urgent policy management is to urge the government to implement economic and fiscal management so as to break out of this cycle of deflation while at the same time realizing stable economic growth. We also seek the realization of a fair tax system. The government's stance of increasing burdens/ decreasing benefits targets salaried workers and arouses their anger. The second point seeks to establish new work rules that are relevant to the 21st century. We ask for legislation of the part-time/fixed-term contract labour law and the elimination of all problems pertaining to dispatched labour. RENGO also believes that there is a pressing need to review the legislation of working hours in order to bring about Work/Life Balance. Our third point aims to create basic labour rights for public servants. Ever since the Government-Labour Meeting held last December, we have seen three government-labour discussions resulting in the launching of a special task force. We request that procedures begin swiftly so that we can attain a concrete final draft.
Next, with regards to the G8 Summit, RENGO will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to deliver demands on behalf of labour on July 6th prior to the summit. The main themes for this year are global energy security, infectious diseases, and education. We want the government to take our demands into full consideration at the G8 Summit discussions including respecting the rights of trade unions and other core labour standards.
Further, the North Korean abduction issue is the biggest human rights problem. We will propose to President Putin that he place this issue on the agenda for discussion at the G8 Summit. We also wish the government to work to put the Burma issue on the United Nations Security Council agenda as well."