RENGO Demand Activity at MOF before Tax Commission’s "Interim Report"

10 August 2006
On August 9th, RENGO conducted its demand activity on the Ministry of Finance Tax Bureau before final discussions began on the compiling of the government's Tax Commission "Interim Report."
As part of the demand activity, with the intention of blocking tax raises on salaried workers, RENGO strongly pushed for a reconstruction of the redistributing function of income and the establishment of a fair tax system which included: not easily downsizing various deductions, raising the maximum for national income tax rates and revising inheritance taxes, as well as the prompt adoption of a taxpayer identification number system.
Regarding the complete abolition of a fixed rate, across-the-board tax cut, RENGO asked the Ministry Tax Bureau to assess the current economic situation and take cautious steps even including the withdrawal of the abolition.
RENGO presented approximately 9000 opinions of citizens and workplaces from across the nation which were posted on RENGO’s internet campaign "think-tax.jp" as part of its demand and sought tax reform that directly reflects the opinions of workers.