Against U.S. Nuclear Testing! - Protest rally at the Embassy

31 August 2006
Yelling the protest slogan at the U.S. Embassy Yelling the protest slogan at the U.S. Embassy
On 31 August, around 100 unionists gathered in a protest rally against the sub-critical nuclear testing (conducted on 2 p.m. 30 August, U.S. time - 3 a.m. 31 August Japan time) which was forced by the United State. The rally was organised by RENGO, GENSUIKIN (Japan Congress against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs), KAKKIN KAIGI (National Council for Peace and Against Nuclear Weapons) and RENGO Tokyo in front of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. After representatives from each of the organizations gave presentations to the U.S. Ambassador, they delivered a letter of protest for President Bush to Minister for Minister for Science, Technology and Environment Joyce Levens of the Embassy to express their objections over the nuclear testing. They also requested that the U.S. ratify the CTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty) and work toward the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Minister Levens replied that "the experiment was conducted to collect data for maintenance of the quality of nuclear weapons and did not involve any nuclear explosions." Minister also added, "the U.S. is working to reduce nuclear weapons to an adequate level.” She promised that she would surely deliver the letter to Washington.