The 2006 national rally for senior citizens held

19 September 2006
Demonstrators marching in Ginza Demonstrators marching in Ginza
On 15 September, Japan Federation of Senior Citizens and Retired Citizens Organizations and RENGO co-organized the 2006 national rally for the aged and retirees in Hibiya Public Hall, Tokyo. Two thousand participants gathered in the rally coming from all over the country. With the slogan of “To Establish Reliable and Trustworthy Social Security Schemes”, they all promised to vent their anger to the Koizumi administration on the House of Councilors’ election scheduled in the coming year and to work for a workers- and retirees-centred politics.
They held for the first time a demonstration march in Ginza, appealing to people walking on the street: “No to increasing the tax on pension” and “No to the reform of the medical services for the worse”.