Japan McDonald’s Union holds a Convention

23 October 2006
On October 18 the Japan McDonald’s Union held their first members convention at the Rengo Headquarters. About 70 participants, including 30 or so McDonald’s Union members from across Japan and members of local Rengos, heard explanations of the union’s activities and policies for the future, exchanged ideas and opinions and got to know each other, confirming their commitment to strengthen activities.

Union President Kurihara, in his opening remarks, said “the union started with members from 6 prefectures and now we have members from 24 prefectures. We have engaged in collective bargaining with management 3 times. We are now demanding talks with management on issues such as long working hours, resulting from the shift to 24 hour service, and changes in working conditions, but as yet, management has refused to comply. We plan to continue to increase membership and bargaining power.”
Rengo General Secretary Koga, in his speech expressed Rengo’s solidarity with the new union, saying that there were many challenges-including the fact that McDonald’s is a foreign company and the locations of shops are spread all over Japan, but that Rengo will be making strong efforts to work on these issues closely with McDonald’s Union in order to improve the company, the workplace and society as a whole.
One of the union members spoke of a case where the company had refused to allow workers to join social security plans and opinions were exchanged regarding a number of issues including bad working conditions and worker health issues. The 4th round of union-management negotiations is scheduled for the 27th of this month and the union plans to strengthen its stance and include opinions and ideas expressed at the convention.