JTUC-RENGO’s Rally for Democracy in Burma

11 November 2007
On 11 November 2007, JTUC-RENGO, in cooperation with the Joint Action Committee of Burmese Community in Japan, Amnesty International Japan, and the Japanese Diet Members’ League in Support of Democracy in Myanmar, organised a mass rally in Tokyo for Appeal of Democracy in Burma. About 600 people from JTUC-RENGO affiliates and the Burmese Community in Japan attended the rally.

The objectives of the rally were to protest against the bloody crackdown by the military regime on the demonstration opposing to substantial fuel price raises in September, and to demand for freedom and democracy in Burma.

It was one of the JTUC-RENGO’s actions to promote democracy in Burma which have been conducted in line with the ITUC/ITUC-AP Burma policies and campaigns.

JTUC-RENGO President Takagi in his speech criticised the Burmese military government for the deaths and injuries of Buddhist monks and citizens including a Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai, who had stood up to show their strong will to aspire for freedom and democracy. Referring to the fact that Burmese people have been deprived of human rights and trade union rights even though their country has ratified the ILO Conventions 29 and 87, Takagi urged the Japanese government as well as the international society to accelerate democratisation in Burma and to give pressure on the junta including economic sanctions if necessary.
A representative of the Burmese Community in Japan appealed to the participants that they would need help of the Japanese government and the people to end the Burmese military dictatorship.

After the protest rally, all participants demonstrated in the street with banners saying “Freedom of Burma is the Freedom of World!” and “Please use your liberty to promote ours.”