KOGA Speaks! RENGO's Statement by General Secretary

KOGA Speaks!
Tokyo district court decision on Prince Hotel Inc.

28 July 2009
Nobuaki Koga, General Secretary
Japanese Trade Union Confederation (JTUC-RENGO)
  1. On July 28th Tokyo district court ruled the decision, which meant JapanTeachers’ Union (JTU) known as Nikkyoso, won the total victory over thePrice Hotel with regard to the fact that the Prince Hotel Inc. cancelledthe reservation made by the JTU.  The JTU filed suit against the PriceHotel Inc, calling for compensation and apology notice in the newspaper,because the hotel unilaterally announced the cancellation of reservationof hotel rooms and the 57th National Conference on Educational Research,which was scheduled to be held on February of 2008.  This cancellationplaces Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly at risk.  Takinginto account the hotel chain operator showing no remorse, this decisionis completely appropriate.  The Price hotel Inc should humbly acceptthe court decision without appealing.

  2. On May of 2008, the JTU and the PriceHotel Inc. concluded the contract to use the venue.  On November of 2008,however, the Prince Hotel Inc. unilaterally announced the cancellationof contract and the JTU was forced to cancel the conference.  The JTUfiled and sought for a provisional disposition injunction in the TokyoDistrict Court because of the unjustness of cancellation.  The Courtdecided the provisional ruling on December of 2008 and dismissed theobjection by the Prince Hotel.  On January 16 of 2009, the court ruledthat Prince Hotel must let the JTU use the venue.The Prince Hotel Inc.appealed the Tokyo High Court. On January 30 of 2009 the court ruled thatthe JTU must be allowed to use the venue and rejected the appeal of the hotel. On two occasions, the Tokyo District Court recognized the opinion of theJTU.  The hotel, however, did not abide by the court decisions and continuedto refuse to use the venue, then the JTU filed the lawsuit.

  3. The RENGO cannot approveany actions which interfere with legitimate trade union activities.  Inorder to protect trade unions’ activities based on democracy and freedomof assembly and association guaranteed by the Constitution of Japan,the RENGO has strongly criticized that the hotel’s behavior, and call°°forunity and solidarity of RENGO’s affiliates or related organizations .

    Refusing to use the facilities is default.  Notabiding by the provisional disposition order is disregard for judicialsystem and unacceptable unfair conduct.  After the High Court issuedthe ruling, the Prince Hotel asserted the company’s rightful conductthrough the homepage and press conference for the announcement of the president.The court ruled that these conducts of the hotel constitute libel andslander for the JTU.  And it ordered the Prince Hotel to pay about 300million yen in compensation to the JTU and its members and run an apologynotice in 5 national papers as requested from the JTU.

  4. The RENGO appreciates fraternal support and long-lasting cooperation of Affiliates and RENGO Locals and related organizationsconcerned.  We will take a decisive stance against the conducts whichviolate workers’ right or obstruct robust workers’ movement.