NAGUMO Speaks! RENGO's Statement by General Secretary

Bills Related to Integrated Reform of Social Security and Taxation Passed the House of Representatives

26 June 2012
  1. In the plenary session of the House of Representatives, the bills related to the integrated reform of social security and taxation were passed by a majority on June 26. However, it is indeed regrettable that there were dissenting votes from a ruling party although the bills were important ones. From now on, the bills will be deliberated in the House of Councilors. It is heartily requested that both the ruling and opposition parties will get the bills to pass as early as possible while gaining the understanding of the people through sincere discussions.

  2. As to the reform of social security, with a conclusion reached in the “National Council for the Reform of the Social Security System” after the bills are passed by the House of Councilors, a reform toward establishing “a social security system supported by all generations” should be advanced.

    As to the reform of taxation as well, in the review of the income tax and asset tax which were putt off to be taken up in the reform of FY2013 taxation system, ruling and opposition parties should have constructive discussions for realizing a substantial reform of taxation system including strengthening its income redistribution function.

  3. The Democratic Party of Japan which is a ruling party should recover its posture as early as possible, and each of the Diet members belonging to the Party should act with an awareness of the responsibility as being a member of the ruling party. It is prospected that in 2025 the rate shared by the aged will surpass 30% in Japan. The aging society with declining birthrate is rapidly advancing. It is an urgent task to build up a sustainable system in which people will feel stable and secure in the future through realizing the integrated reform of social security and taxation.

  4. RENGO will continue to aim at building “a secure society built around work as its core theme” and approach to the government and ruling and opposition parties with the idea proposed in its “social security vision for new 21st century” and its “3rd basic outline of taxation reform”. At the same time, RENGO will develop its movement at each workplace and in each region so as to realize them with all its might.