NAGUMO Speaks! RENGO's Statement by General Secretary

The House of Representatives Dissolved and General Election Announced

16 November 2012
  1. At its plenary session held on November 16, the House of Representatives was dissolved and, at the extraordinary session of the Cabinet meeting held right after the dissolution, it was decided that the general election would officially be announced on December 4 and the voting day would be December 16. The general election is going to be held after three years and four months since the change of power was realized by the general election held on August 30, 2009.

    The coming general election will be the one to choose what this country should be, that is, how people should work to restore from the Great East Japan Earthquake and to revitalize the society, how the people’s livelihood should be maintained and improved in the midst of globalization, and how people support the super aging society with fewer birth rate.

  2. At the same time, the general election will be the one which will raise questions about the achievements made by the government of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) since it was born in 2009. The DPJ government has strenuously worked to change various systems and practices of politics, economy and society including conversion from bureaucrat-led politics to politician-led politics. Under the DPJ government, a process to lead to the policies which are linked to the reconstruction of people’s livelihood and working environments which had been deteriorated under the governments up to the government of the DPJ has been put in motion through comprehensive social security and tax system reforms, expansion of child support and childcare support, improvement of worker protection legislation, and other measures. However, due to the unexpected crises like the Great East Japan Earthquake which can be said to be a national crisis, global economic instability since the Lehman Shock and damages to the domestic industries by historic high evaluation of yen, the government has been forced to respond to them to leave other reforms which it has aimed at to be half done.

  3. On the other hand, it is necessary for the DPJ to seriously respond to various criticisms made of its lack of experience as the ruling party and of the party management which lacks of governance. The DJP should face the coming general election, calling to the people for policies for building up a society in which everyone can find a place to be and a turn to be on duty and can live with hope and security in one’s heart, while reflecting on what it should reflect and re-adjusting policies in order .

  4. At its 12th Central Executive Committee Meeting held September 21, the RENGO confirmed to tackle the coming general election with the DPJ as a linchpin. Furthermore, the RENGO and the DPJ announced a joint statement to work together with all their might on realizing a hopeful and secure society, and concluded a policy agreement on the same day.

    Reconfirming the significance of the change of power, the RENGO will tackle the coming general election with all its might and do its best to maintain the present DPJ government.