RENGO/AFL-CIO Bilateral Meeting held

05 June 2015
Bilateral meeting (5th May 2015, Tokyo) Bilateral meeting (5th May 2015, Tokyo)
President Trumka Speaks! (7th May 2015, Tokyo) President Trumka Speaks! (7th May 2015, Tokyo)
RENGO hosted a bilateral meeting with AFL-CIO on 5th May in Tokyo, for the first time since 6 years. Top leasers of RENGO, including President Koga and General Secretary Kozu, discussed with Brother Richard L. Trumka and Sister Cathy Feingold, President and International Director of AFL-CIO respectively, on the issues of social, economic, labor and political developments in both countries, evolving trend in organizing, and Japan's economic policies.

On the 7th, a lecture conference titled "AFL-CIO President Trumka Speaks!" was convened with an audience of around 130 people. Following a lecture from President Trumka, participants actively engaged in a dialogue with him on wide-ranging topics from the forecast of Presidential election to community organizing.

The AFL-CIO delegation paid a visit to the Chiba Area of the East Japan Works of the JFE Steel Corporation, touring the steel mills and meeting with its trade union leaders as well as representatives of its management. They also met with Mr. Kimito NAKAE, President, National Association of Labour Banks, and Mr. Katsuya OKDA, President, the Democratic Party Japan.